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Arc 5

Chapter 232 – Appointment

Chapter 231 – The Core of the Founder Demon King

Chapter 230 – Enemy Spirit

Chapter 229 – From Piercer to Slasher

Extra Chapter – Popularity Vote Announcement!

Chapter 228 – A man named Cruzer Gio

Chapter 227 – Light of Naous

Chapter 226 – Dark Footsteps on the Holy Ground

Chapter 225 – Nikki’s Will

Chapter 224 – Contract Execution

Chapter 223 – Obstinate Snake Princess

Chapter 222 – Hiiro’s Unique Searching Method

Chapter 221 – Hiiro Vs Tenn

Chapter 220 – Conditions for a Spirit Contract

Chapter 219 – The Spirits

Chapter 218 – Reunion with the Fairy Queen

Chapter 217 – Haughty Snake

Chapter 216 – Spirit Forest

Chapter 215 – Invitation from the Spirit

Chapter 214 – Hiiro and the Ape

Chapter 213 – Reunion with an Old Friend

Chapter 212 – Disappointed Ornoth

Chapter 211 – Hiiro searches for something

Chapter 210 – Judom Stands!

Chapter 209 – Kokorou’s Revolt

Chapter 208 – Current State of Pasion

Arc 4
Chapter 207: End of the feast
Chapter 206: Start of the Feast
Chapter 205: Warning for Hiiro/
Chapter 204: Return To Xaos/
Chapter 203: Temporary Separation/
Chapter 205: Warning for Hiiro/

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    Thanks for your work and good luck with the new site.

    1. Yeah that happened earlier to me… like when 167 was released… I had to wipe my entire phone since I accidentally clicked ok when it suddenly popped up while I was trying to scroll down.

  2. T-T
    *sob…*. U had me worried and here I thaught something happen to u guys… Or u give up the translation

    1. kinda with anon on this happy to click donate button but never happy to remove adblock

      that program alone is going to do more for people computer health than any antivirus program

  3. Really glad you’re back in business. For a moment I thought you would stop translating and I was really worried.

  4. The site looks much less cluttered. One thing to consider, if possible, is a recent updates “page” of some sort. The section you have on the menu is always nice to see, but a page on the site for that might be nice too, wouldn’t be as limited as the side menu when it comes to number updates that are able to be displayed.

  5. Hooray! I was so worried when I couldn’t access your site!
    Love the new layout! Love the work you all do! Love you all!

  6. Does anybody know if the old chapters are mirrored anywhere? I started reading Konjiki but am stalled at chapter 36 because the old site is down for whatever reason. Thanks!

  7. I turned off adblock and uBlock but the test AD is still just a blank , not sure if it’s supposed to be that way.

  8. hey just wondering when will all the chapters be up again?
    also tried unlimitednovelfailures and loliquent but the are also gone (no more places to read this great novel D: )
    ps: thanks for translating love your work :3

  9. Nice, somebody is working on chapter 162. Things are a little confusing now since Loliquent site got hacked. Keep up the good work guys!

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    1. That only happened because i was messing around with the draft and publish functions. I planned to repost every chapter of KnW on this site so it will be easier for users to browse and read.

  11. Hello, Netblazer, i would like to help on the team. Probably trying to proofreading or translating into my own language, which is Portuguese to try to spread the novel a little more. Hope we can talk later.

  12. thank god this sites ok
    ,gave me a heart attack,wish everyone has a mindset
    like the movie “3 idiots” all is well 🙂
    hope u guyz get motivation

  13. could you disable the emailfunktion for the chapters which you rerelease on your website, because this spamms my emailacaount full

    1. Hell no…
      if he does so then he’ll get the hate/complaints comments for “””slow””” release when it just turned 1 minute on that date?

      @Netblazer: could you send around the TL’ing group the idea of only 1 release date (like on a wednesday or something) AND no fixed number of chapters. So you guys/girls won’t get comments about why you haven’t released one or so. (it’s just an idea)
      Also, don’t display the status/progress of chapters or you’ll only get comments like: why the “F” is it still on Edit or xx% (just a thought tho :D)

      1. At the least, maybe we can get a list of who is translating the chapters? It would be nice to get a list like LoliQ used to have but I guess that could lead to problems, unless comments are disabled or something.

      2. It really sucks because on one hand I and perhaps other people do not want to be kept in the dark about the status of chapters but on the other hand we don’t want to have fuel for certain kinds of people to harass translators.

  14. Thanks to all the people that have had any part in this project. We know you guys are going through a lot right now so I’ll give you all my best until you guys get back to us with your plans. It doesn’t matter what happened to me as long as you translators, editors, proofreaders, etc are alright. And so I’ll wait patiently with everyone else. Peace

  15. Hei, i’m following your works on Knw. In my country we’re just comes back on a long holiday, so i miss several chapters. And when i comeback the ones on loli site (i haven’t confirmed others) is said to be deleted by authors. I think it supposed to be posted here, so in the mean time is there other blog, Where can i find the full chapters?

      1. Thx and we love u!!! Hope u stay healthy and don’t over do it ( *like how mom’s telling their kids to go to bed ). Hehe

  16. Hey I am new here but I have been reading Kwn and are on chapter 161 right now and are looking forward for your hard work.

  17. .sire when the chapters are done is it possible for you to put the latest chapters on the site that u made the weebly one..

  18. Congrats on the new website XD

    So this will still give us updates on wordpress feed I hope… please don’t make us lose this cause it makes organizing the updates easier for readers of this and other web novels. I mean, most readers care more about reading this than the sites themselves and it’d be nice to still get updates on wordpress feed.

  19. i cant seem to find the 3rd arc chapters btw i just want to compliment you guys for doing hard work translating them ik its hard to translate them and adding the ones making you guys hurry with chapters etc. hope you guys still have patience and ignore them. THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! keep up the good work guys!

  20. Good thing you guys continued with the project. I hope the events that recently transpired will teach the ungrateful, impatient leechers a lesson they’ll never forget. Keep up the good work. 😀

  21. thanks for translating blaze-sama…if the author are the god then the translator are my HERO…By the way can anybody recommend a website that hasthhe translated gate jietai novel? i’ve watched the anime now i’m hooked after read the manga…. it’s like drug.

  22. thanks for translating blaze-sama…if the author are the god then the translator are my HERO…By the way can anybody recommend a website that has the translated gate jietai novel? i’ve watched the anime now i’m hooked after read the manga…. it’s like drug.

  23. I just want to ask is there any webpage that hosts all the Wordmaster chapters in one place not Links to other WebPages And Blogs but all the chapters on one WebSite including the Unlimited Failures ones? Please Answer.

  24. Can you post the unedited version like before ? Thx for all the hard work till now, i’ll root for you and dont overwork yourself

  25. Hi there, I’ve never left a comment before but after reading the article that StormHawk posted from rwxwuxiaworld talking about ST made me want to say thank you for translating this piece. I really enjoy reading it and although it wasn’t the first WN that got me hooked, it’s a close second to the one that did. Anyways, thanks again. You are good people. 🙂

  26. http://konjikiupdate.weebly.com

    Loliquent made a page with all the chapters so far. Don’t know how many of you are familiar with Rainbow Translation but thats where she posted the link before being “on the run”. So if anyone wants to read arcs 1, 2, or 3 theres you go.

  27. Thank you so much for the chapters, well worth the wait and worries. I am grateful for all you have done for us despite the troubles we readers may have caused. Thank you very much and take everything to your pace, we understand that translators are not machines but people who have lives that need to be taken care of. So I am sincerely grateful for all you have done for us.

  28. Greetings! Thank you so very much for your uploads! The new look of the site is also quite nice!

    Just one question: after LoliQ leaving, do the translators of your group still get in touch with each other? I for one loved LoliQ page, since all of your works would just end up there, but now I don’t have any idea of where to look. Can you tell who is in charge of chapter 164? From the moment I read its title, I have reaaally wanted to read it! lol Mimir-chan for the win! I quite look forward to a “if you defeat me, marry my daugther” scene XD

    P.S. Just so you know, anything between gets blanked out!

  29. I wonder what the plan is since there are only two chapters left in the arc. Are you guys heading straight into the next one or taking a break?

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  31. Hey, just wanted to let you know that the link to KnW chapter 70 goes to chapter 71 instead. And also thanks for all your hard work!

  32. i was even considering suicide when i started to doubt whether u are gonna stop translating!! thanks to you, my life is not gonna short lived. love you translators. please, please, please keep up your work. love it so much!

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  35. Just noticed this morning that the link to KnW and the About section has moved under the subheading for AotCK. That probably wasn’t intended so thought I’d let you know.

  36. Would you guys be willing to list who is working on what chapters so we know which sites to check for future releases? Or is everything going to be going through this site?

  37. the website of loliquent has been gone for a while will it ever return? or is it like the rumors say that he is being chased down?

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  40. in my opinion, i don’t think its necessary for you to explain like “100% done, awaiting edit”
    it just make editor looks bad, right ?

  41. Regarding KnW.

    I have a concern. My concent is that blazingtranslations.com is only posting KnW chapters that other group, TLed and EDed, on this site.

    Is my concern is misplaced?

    1. If that is true, then my donations will go to TL groups.

      Please clarify weither or not blazingtranslations’s job is only hosting or not for KnW.(no actual TL and ED?)

      1. The group has migrated and compiled the TL and ED to this site, the reposts are so that users won’t have to go to a bunch of different website to read the translations

    2. I donated US$200 – 600 to donation accepting sites that got (KnW) on their website.

      If your site is doing only and only hosting (KnW), then I will cover the monthly CAD. I support people who TL ED and proof read on (KnW) more though.

      i will contiue to donate, as long as there is nothing going on in RL, the same amount.

  42. bloody hell, i saw chapter 172-to176 and i was like UH MY GOD several chapter update , but then i saw the in progress near chaper 172 and i was like, f*Cking hell so misleading.

    1. maybe, but dont get too hyped. chances are they are just placeholders to show that the next fight is a long one.

  43. Is this a TL site or a Hosting site? If it is hosting i’d like the site for the Translations, if not then nevermind.

  44. I can’t wait for next chapter!!!!! Thank you so mush everybody for translating, editing, and posting, and other stuff thank you so much. May good fortune be upon you.

  45. True if their posting all those chapters in one go, it would make sense for the editing to take a while. reading them in one go would be quite satisfying as well.

  46. What is taking the ch 172 for so long? I thought that it was in editing stage already. It is already been a week.

    1. Not sure. Lots of ED and Translators have started or starting their school term. So, at least half a day will be devoted to that for them.

    2. school term + homeworks + acquiring supplies (book, ntbk,etc.) + possible cross checking with raw=longer time.
      just wait for it.

  47. This question maybe off topic but i’ll ask cause I really want to know. >> what web host does blaze-kun use for this site?

  48. no one is supposed to make translaters and editors angry!!! They are pretty much gods to people who want to read the next chapter really badly. Thank you kami-sama(s).

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  50. Yes! I finally found the most up-to-date site for KnW. Thank you EDs and translators for your much appreciated work! And thank you Netblazer, for putting up this site to host the chapters! Please don’t hesitate to work at your own pace, we can be patient. 😀

  51. i think you guys should recruit new TL and ED,
    that could work in this “back to school” time..
    this site has been hiatus long enough to match bear’s hibernate season

    1. Why dont you recomend to another translater to help, for example shikkaku translation or another people you know. Translators have things to do, so if you cant wait; learn japanese or translate it with google.

  52. Thank you so much for translating this novel. Very much appreciated. This have been one of my most favorite novel beside Overlord. Thanks.

  53. First and foremost THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING KNW.
    I realyy appreciate yours and groups work.
    I dont want nag you or anything and sorry in advance but are we getting chapter 173 anytime soon.
    Once thank you for your work

  54. Hey NB, are you alright, I know you guys have RL issues but at least don’t leave us without an explanation, you guys do good work but consider it from our point of view, right now all of us fans feel same as a bachelor who married after great difficulty and then his wife ran with some other guy.

  55. Hi there, I was wondering if we could have a rss feed?

    That’s what I use to keep up with all novels I read and I noticed I was behind in konjiki when the site changed and no more feed T____T

  56. thanks for the update!!

    oot : does any1 know LN/WN about 3 students transported to another world with magic & swords but the MC secretly is actually a magician from his old world?

  57. Hi,

    Is there a possibility to make it an option to hide the side menu? for a more smooth and pleasurable reading experience?

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    1. not really it is just The TL including myself are getting busy IRL the editors are awaiting the translated pages lol so yes and no.

    1. Yes but if you read the translator comments you would see they are doing it over because they find the translation hard to read(something I agree with though it’s not terrible) and had already almost finished them.

  58. oh! chapter 184 where are thou…
    for you i shall drink this poison known as love…
    for i have fallen deep for you my chapter 184…

  59. I hope and pray to the translators and editors to keep translating this story about a loli slayer!!!!! Onagaiiiiiii ii i!!!!!!!
    (onagai means please….I probably spelled it right)

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