Chapter 194: Beast King’s True Power

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Chapter 194: Beast King’s True Power

The first group of people that was surprised at Leowald’s was the Gabranth

“H-hey, about brother Leo …” (Lenion)

“…What?” (Kukulia)

As Kukulia replied to Lenion, their eyes were locked onto the Leowald and only their mouth moved

“T-that kind of father. Have you seen it before?” (Lenion)

“…Nope…” (Kukulia)

“That is right. There is no way that Lenion would have seen your father in that (berserk) state” (Legulus)

The person that interrupted the two of them was Legulus. Nonetheless, he was shocked to the extent that he was stuck to the chair even after he woke up.

“Big brother, you’ve seen this before?” (Lenion)

“Yes, it happened once before. A while back, an army of Humas came to subjugate the Gabranth. When they arrived and raided the village, in a fit of rage your father turned into that form” (Legulus)

“That form?”

“…The army was wiped out, and not a trace of their remains can be found” (Legulus)


Not only did both of them swallowed in fear, but also those around them as well.

“Well, his current state isn’t because of his anger, but for you father to be driven to to a corner like that doesn’t change the situation. … Furthermore, that person is a young boy.” (Kukulia)

Both Legulus and Lenion gritted their teeth

“Darn, we can’t even leave a scratch on our non-serious father; for Hiiro to do something like that…” (Lenion)

Even though Hiiro wasn’t fast, he was able to leave a wound, and even forced Leowald to become serious. Furthermore, Hiiro was younger than them.

“Unbelievable. He is able to keep the situation under control, even with father in that state” (Legulus)

“…That brat…” (Lenion)


Legulus smiled as he looked at Lenion who was trembling with a mortified experssion

“Hiiro-sama … amazing …” (Mimir)

Without reading the mood of those two, Mimir said as she was enraptured by Hiiro.

“Cool… don’t you think so Kukulia?” (Mimiru)

“Eh? Ah, y-yes…” (Kukulia)

Being bombard by glittering eyes and a voice filled with authenticity and innocences, Kukulia had no choice but to respond with nod. At that moment, Mimir’s emotions dimmed and crossed her arms over her chest.

“However…” (Mimiru)

“Mimiru?” (Kukulia)

“I truly hope that they’ll both be fine after this” (Mimiru)

“Mimiru…You are right, it is just as you say.” (???)

The person who had the same thoughts was Muir

“Old man, Hiiro-san is strong.” (Muir)

“Indeed. However if it is Leowald, he isn’t completely serious yet. The battle will get more intense from this point onward.” (Legulus)

“Hiiro-san …. will be fine?” (Muir)

“I don’t know, but, I can’t imagine that person losing. In my mind he is an out-of-ordinary brat.” (Arnold)

Looking at the worried face of Muir, Arnold said with a sharp breath.

“Well as a Gabranth, we should root for Leoward. But looking at that guy, I want to cheer for him as well.” (Arnold)

“…Uhn” (Muir)

“Then, let us cheer for both of them” (Legulus)

“…Uhn!” (Muir)

The Evlia also let out a sigh of admiration regarding the state of Leowald, and Hiiro’s strength

“A-as expected of Hiiro … to leave a wound on the Beast King” (Ive’am)

The Demon Lord Ive’am was deeply moved by the magnificent strike that Hiiro inflicted on Leowald. It was a great shock that a person that even Marione could not land a strike against was dealt a stike by a Humas under the age of 20.

“It is expected. Hiiro should be able to do at least that much” (Liliyn)

As if boasting about herself, Liliyn looked at Ive’am

“Ooooh! As expected from my shishou (master)! He even received a strike from him and rose unscathed!” (Nikki)

“You’re wrong! He isn’t Nikki’s master, he’s Mikazuki’s master!” (Mikazuki)

“What are you saying? Master is mine!” (Nikki)

“No! Mikazuki’s !” (Mikazuki)

“Eeeh! Shut up you spoiled brats!” (Liliyn)

Liliyn interupted the quarrel between Nikki and Mikazuki with her spirit. This caused the two of them to shrink into the background.

“Who is who’s? Understand? Everything about Hiiro, from his head to his feet is mine! You guys are just addons. Know your place!” (Liliyn)

“No~you are ~ wrong!” (Nikki)

“T-that is right!” (Mikazuki)

“Is that so? Are you challenging me?” (Liliyn)

When a red glint appear in her eyes, Mikazuki said “Kui~” before hiding behind Shamoe while Nikki stood still with sweating dripping from her forehead.

“…Should I take part in that?” (Marione)

“M-Marione!? W-wwwhat are you saying!” (Lilyn)

Marione abruptly appeared beside Iveam while she was looking intently at Liliyn.

“Surprisingly, those people are arguing who will get that young boy right? From what I remember before the Beast King you ….” (Marione)

“Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a! W-what are you talking about!?” (Iveam)

At the start of the fifth round, Marione remembered the moment when Leowald said he wanted Hiiro, Iveam said “Hiiro is mine.”

The response at that moment, it clearly indicated that Iveam had a favourable impression of Hiiro. To make sure of that Marione mentioned it, but based on her response that didn’t seem to be the case. Because of Iveam’s red face and stuttered response, it was clear that it has gone (way) beyond a favorable impression.

“Aah stop! Don’t talk about that! Look!  the Beast King is making a move!” (Iveam)

“…As you command” (Marione)

“Damn! This magma guy!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro desperately avoided Leowald who repeatedly rushed at him from all sides; even if he managed to avoid the rush by small margin there was a chance that the magma will splash near him and deal damage. Thus, he has no choice but to maintain a distance.

Furthermore, if he was near his opponent he would get dry eyes, and feel an overwhelming pressure caused by the heat. He managed to avoid its attacks even in that state, however it is clear to him that he won’t be able to dodge the attacks forever.

With Leowald just being here, the temperature of his surroundings were increasing, causing him to sweat.

“Don’t get so full of yourself!” (Hiiro)

In the next moment, he wrote the word [[Freeze]] and pointed it at his opponent. He expected his opponent to avoid the attack, but for some reason his opponent just rushed directly toward him and took the word head on.

When the word activated, Leowald was turned into an ice sculptor. However, Hiiro didn’t assume that he won.

Hiiro stare at the ice sculpture vigilantly and watched as the ice turned from blue to red and then slowly melted. As Hiiro expected, because the body was moving by instinct, it didn’t bother to avoid the attack.

With this in mind, it put a smile on his face. It meant that, no matter what Leowald did in the current state, it was futile.

Then Leowald looked at Hiiro and rushed again; his opponent’s speed increased as well.

If he kept fighting with his current speed it will get difficult, so he activated the preset word [[Accelerate]]. At the same time he took out [[Severing Blade – Zangeki]] and rushed forward.


The blade went right through the torso of his opponent. He was sure that he cut his opponent, but using [[Conversion]] his opponent returned to its original form.

Then Leowald looked back and rushed at Hiiro.

“Chi!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro managed to block the attack with his sword, but he was sent flying from the impact. Using the rotation of his body he managed to recover but at that moment a molten fist came flying at him.


Thanks to the [[Accelerate]] word, he immediately bent under the attack as the burning fist sizzled passed his forehead.

From that point onward, he clashed several times but he was unable to land a decisive blow. His opponent didn’t managed to land a blow either but every once in a while the temperature in the area would rise causing his physical strength to strangely diminish.

It was same for him opponent, if they kept going at it will be a battle of attrition at the end, but

“Hiiro” (Leowald)

It has been a while since a voice was heard.

“Hou, you are still conscious beast king” (Hiiro)

“Kuku … this is fun” (Leowald)

“…This battle mania” (Hiiro)

“Don’t say something like that. While we are fighting, I got your message clearly. Hiiro … you are also enjoying this aren’t you” (Leowald)

“…I don’t know” (Hiiro)

“Kukuku … is that so, that sword, it’s definitely not a normal sword is it? For an ordinary sword to strike my body several times, it would have lost its shape already.” (Leowald)

It was as he said; if it was normal sword, the sword would lose its shape when it was near the magma’s heat. However, [[Severing Blade – Zangeki]] hasn’t changed a bit since the beginning.

“A good sword. But you can’t beat me with that sword” (Leowald)

“………” (Hiiro)

“At the same time, even if I fight you in this state, I won’t be able to defeat you” (Leowald)

Then, his opponent released [[Conversion]] and returned to his normal form. Fatigue can be seen on his face. As expected, [[Conversion]] is exhausting.

“Hiiro, from this point onward, I’ll show you all my power” (Leowald)

“You mean there is another stage” (Hiiro)

“Right, I’ll beat you using this” (Leowald)

The atmosphere changed right away. It was as if all the hot air disappeared and a cool breeze filled the area. Unlike bloodlust or hostility, something like haki (spirit force) was causing the pressure.

The atmosphere seemed to shake and ripple as Leowald’s presence felt bigger.

If he attacked right now there is a chance that he could win, but his opponent can reverse the situation if he is not prepared.

Then, let me take advantage of this time to prepare on this side as well (Hiiro)

Then, he wrote several words on this body and set them up.

(I still have a lots of MP … , but I shouldn’t get negligent)

It was clear that a lot of magic was used, and that more magic will be used from this point onward. Thus, several MP recovery items [[Red Honey Candy]] was tossed into his mouth.

As he chewed and swallowed the candy, the weakness he felt before vanished.

Okay, this is good (Hiiro)

When Hiiro was ready, Leowald had finished setting up the next stage.

“I bequest ….spun from the blood of ancient times….manifest now!” (Leowald)

The space infront of Leowald rippled.


The space started cracking

“Coooommmme! Shishi-raigaaaa!” (Leowald)

Shattering space, a large fire lion appeared.

Chapter 193: Getting fired up

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Chapter 193: Getting fired up

(Leowald POV)

Leowald put more power into the spell than when he used it against Marione. A small sun-like orb with him at the center dropped from the sky toward his target.

“Here I come! Eat this! [[Awakened Fireball of Truth]] !” (Leowald)

Then it dropped downward; it dropped toward a single boy on the ground.

“Now, what are you going to do Hiiiirooo!” (Leowald)

Hiiro looked up at the fireball and concentrated magic power into his index finger.

Magic again, huh! if it is anything like last time I can sweep it away! (Leowald)

With a loud rumbling sound a mass of pure fire crashed down, like a giant meteor.

Hiiro drew a word and then pointed at Leowald, who just grinned.

Leowald then created a wall of fireballs in front of the Flaming Meteor using the same technique as before. He knew that if the word was to hit the fire orbs, it would dissipate harmlessly.

There could be a good chance that his opponent is trying penetrate the wall. But it seemed like his opponent put on the expression that it was no good.

Then Hiiro started writing another word. Unlike the magic power he felt from the barrier before, it contained a lot more.

“Interesting! I don’t know what you are doing, but if you can stop this than do it!” (Leowald)

As the orb of fire approached Hiiro, Leowald was surprised by the outcome. For some reason, as the ball approached, it grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

“W-What!?” (Leowald)

Before he can recover, even the fire covering his body started to disappear.

“W-what. What was that!?” (Leowald)

It looked as if a balloon was slowly deflating. In order to prevent that he tried to increase the fire’s output but it was shrinking faster than he could recover. Then…


As he stood speechless and watched his revered flames vanish into thin air, Hiiro appeared in front of him and swung his gleaming sword in a beheading motion.


Unaware that his [[Conversion]] was dispelled a large gash appeared from his left shoulder down to his right abdomen.

“Guu!?” (Leowald)

The pain and chaos sent his consciousness into discord

But at that moment his head heated up (in anger) and grabbed Hiiro’s arm.

“Oops…!? (Hiiro)

Hiiro put on a surprised expression


Forming a hammer with his fist he struck Hiiro’s back which caused Hiiro to drop to the ground.

However, the body of Leowald sustained a some heavy damage; intense pain clearly showed on his face.

He isn’t sure what happened but if he took an attack right now it won’t be good.

“Ku…Hiiro…” (Leowald)

A lot of blood was flowing out of his body. It would be grave if he remained in this state too long, so he used [[Conversion]] right away.

In this state the pain will ease, and he’ll no longer bleed. However, he is unable to recover the damage taken. While using [[Conversion]], HP and MP will continue to decrease.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight much longer in this state. He looked for the body of Hiiro which dropped to the ground, and when he couldn’t find it, a furious expression appeared on his face.

(Hiiro’s POV)

Hiiro was scrowling at his last action. No matter how happy he was that the move succeeded, he shouldn’t of let his guard down.

Ouch..dammit (Hiiro)

Leowald’s attack hit him with surprising force. He thought he landed a fatal attack on him, but didn’t expect him to fight back right away. He certainly let his guard down.

No…if I observe the action carefully, it feels like it was was performed instinctively. (Hiiro)

It would be difficult for someone one to counter attack when they witnessed their ultimate attack dissipate, followed by their opponent landing a fatal attack on their body right after.

At that time, because his eyes were blank, he didn’t think he would be able to counterattack.

However, at that moment life appeared in those blank eyes and Leowald grabbed his arm. He tried to cast a spell, but before he could, his body was sent crashing into the ground.

At that time, when Leowald used [[Awakened Fireball of Truth]]. Hiiro used extinguish (鎮火) and fireball (火球)

With these two words, he extinguished everything related to the Fireball; the small fire orbs that Leowald used to form a wall, the sun like meteor, even Leowald’s power; all of them were identified as “Fireball” from Hiiro’s point of view.

In other words, Hiiro made everything disappear and then he used the [[Conversion]] word on his sword before slashing at his target.

Soon after, he made a miscalculation. First it was Leowald’s abnormal body; it was as if he was trying to cut iron. Even then, he managed to inflict a large wound.

The next miscalculation was the counterattack. The speed was beyond comprehension. Even though he reacted with all his might with his arm being caught, the blow landed on him at about the same time.

Damage wise, even though it was only one attack, it’s force felt like all his opponent’s weight was put into it.

If he fell toward the ground with that much force, his face would be turned into a smashed tomato. Thus, he had no choice but to use the preset [[Protect]] word to nullify the impact damage.

…It can’t be helped (Hiiro)

He active the preset word [[Cure]] to remove the pain. The pain would be troublesome later on in battle. Even if his opponent is in a grievous state, he couldn’t let anything hinder him.

White light spread over his body, and the intense pain from before vanished.

Ha, really, this [[Word Magic – Magic]] has a lot of application (Hiiro)

If he didn’t have magic, he wouldn’t know what to do. He felt that it was good fortune to have an all-purpose unique magic.

At that moment, he felt a strong chill and waves of heat started radiating from behind him

He felt an abnormal wave of bloodlust slowing moving toward him. The closer it got the drier his mouth felt.

Even though, the white light of healing hasn’t disappeared yet, Hiiro turned around and looked at the mass of bloodlust.

Leowald was there. But it was in a completely different state than before; it didn’t even have a facial expression. It looked as if all that it wanted to do was to kill its opponent; it was manifestation of its instinct. Actually, it was like a wild mass of wrath and hatred.

There is… no end to this huh (Hiiro)

It felt like he was trapped by a SSS Rank monster, without anywhere to run.

“Oh man, it looks just like a human magma” (Hiiro)

Some time ago only Leowald’s right arm changed into magma, now his whole body was covered in magma. Even his legs which touched the magma also started to melt. Furthermore, it didn’t react at all to Hiiro’s sarcasm

It is definitely different than before … if I were to be hit by that body, I would be melted right away (Hiiro)

Hiiro judged that it isn’t a good idea to go too close to it. He used most of the words he set beforehand. Thus, he felt that he should strike at this moment; however there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable way to do so.

If he retreated, and then came back, he would be able to finish it right away. However, the current situation won’t allow it. Even then, he felt hesitant to do something like that.

As expected, I’m also a man … (Hiiro)

Furthermore, the challenge of defeating someone with a cheat body like this piqued his interest. After he thought for a bit, to be able to completely control the opponent in this situation would be the best way to proceed. Being forced to do something like that really brought back the joy of fighting a worthy opponent

Whether it was in games or novels, fighting a strong opponent is thrilling. Also, running away in fear isn’t something a man does.

If there was major difference in strength, and the body was in an unreasonable condition then it would be smart to give up. At this moment though, as long as there is a way to win against the opponent, then by doing so …

If I don’t get fired up then I am not a man (Hiiro)

Although, he isn’t sure if his opponent was enjoying it or not, right now Hiiro had a smile on his face.

“…fu, lets proceed” (Hiiro)

With renewed resolution, he focused magic in front of his finger

“Hiiiroooooooooooooooooo!” (Leowald)
The magma like monster rushed at Hiiro.

Chapter 178: A considerate Friend

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Chapter 178 – Considerate Friend

Translated by Anri and NB

“Now you see that it isn’t just the difference between our levels. So, see ya, I’m heading out.” (Rarashik)

She spoke those words, and then left Shublarz who lost the fight, without another word.

“Fufu, good grief~, although her appearance was that of a petite young researcher, her movements were of a natural-born soldier. What a shocker~” (Shublarz)

With those thoughts in mind, she watched Rarashik’s back moving away in the distance, and shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

“Well then, I believe we should leave as well. We must report to Her Majesty~”

Maybe because she lost the fight, Shublarz had a gloomy expression thinking whether she could still maintain her dignity.

“A-Ah, P-Please wait a minute!” (Muir)

Muir raised her voice at Shublarz’s group who was preparing to leave the area.

“May we help you?” (Shublarz)

“Ah, um… it’s about… Io-chan.” (Muir)

“Eh? Ionis?” (Shublarz)

Shublarz shifted her attention to Ionis in response to Muir’s words.

“Ah, now that you have mentioned it. Err… you are the superior in charge of that child, right?” (Arnold)

Arnold joined their conversation.

“Y-Yes, yes I am, is there something wrong?” (Shublarz)

Arnold explained to her that Hiiro could heal Ionis’ injury; her burned face.

“Eh? Hiiro-kun could restore old scars back to normal?” (Shublarz)

Although Shublarz had witnessed the scene of Demon Lord Eveam’s injury being healed before, she thought that he was only able to heal a wound that happened recently.

However, she one-sidedly judged that his powers would have no effect on past wounds, or more specifically speaking, on things such as life-long scars and illnesses.

“Well.. I think he can probably do it? Asking him personally is probably more reassuring.” (Arnold)

“…..hee, although I heard it from Her Majesty, you really do put a lot of trust on him~” (Shublarz)

Her eyes glittered; she seemed to have found something interesting.

“Y-You might say it like that. Setting aside the human nature of that guy, I believe in his strength or perhaps I should say it that I was forced to place my trust on him….” (Arnold)

His cheeks had a slight cramp when he said those words. Certainly, people who experienced Hiiro’s magic would be made to trust him against their will….. As a non-standard existence.

“Fufufu, still, can Hiiro really heal Ionis’ scar?” (Shublarz)

“I’m not sure about it but…:” (Arnold)

“Hey.” (Hiiro)

“Eh? Uwa-! Hiroooooooooooo!?” (Arnold)

It was no wonder Arnold would be surprised. Because Hiiro, the person in question, was nearby.

“W-w-why are you here right now?” (Arnold)

“Haa? I heard you called my name, that’s why I came here.”

“Eh? We called you…”

Then, Silva who was behind Hiiro, matched eyes with him, and smiled faintly; he grasped his intention,

“AH! That’s right! Yes it it true! As a matter of fact, we have a request for you!” (Arnold)

“Request? In such a place, and at such a time?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro stared at Arnold in doubt while crossing his arms together.

“H-Hiiro!” (Muir)

At that time, Muir called out to Hiiro.

“Hm? What is it Chibi? Don’t tell me it is something you are involved as well?” (Hiiro)

“Eh, uhm, err…” (Muir)

As she looked eye to eye with Hiiro, for some reason, her face flushed red and casted her gaze downward. Although she was fidgeting, Muir suddenly looked up

“P-Please heal Eo-chan’s face!” (Muir)

“……..ha?” (Hiiro)

When Hiiro was asked abruptly he wasn’t sure what she wanted. But after listening to her story, it seemed that Muir wanted Hiiro to heal the burn scar.

“I see, that is why you called me” (Hiiro)

“U-um…can you heal it?” (Muir)

“Did I have an obligation to do something like that?” (Hiiro)

Since it was a response that Muir expected, she let let out a sigh

“Hey Hiiro, you should consider helping people without compensation sometime…” (Arnold)

“Shut up, you half-corpse. Do I look like someone that would do something like that?” (Hiiro)

“Gu…fine, fine I get it…hey who are you calling a half-corpse!” (Arnold)

Ignoring Arnold’s protest, Hiiro looked at Muir.

“Hey Chibi, you know that Yo-Yo is your enemy right?” (Hiiro)

“Eh? Yo-Yo?”(Muir)

Not only Muir, but also Ionis craned her neck in a puzzled expression. Since it was troublesome to remember the person’s name, he used her weapon 《KaiJin》, which looked like the yo-yo toy in his original world as a nickname.

“Yo-Yo….” (Ionis->Yo-yo)

Ionis looked at the weapon 《KaiJin》 in her hand

“Putting the toy aside. Answer me Chibi, she is an enemy right?” (Hiiro)

“Ah, ye…….yes, but a friend” (Muir)

“Muir……” (Ionis)

Although, her face was expressionless, she was deeply moved and stared at Muir while muttering something.

(A friend…) (Ionis)

She looked sweet and naive. But by looking at her face, her true feelings could be understood. She then look at him with an honest expression.

Hiiro move his gaze naturally to look at Ionis. She was probably embarrassed when he looked her way and tried to hide her eyes with her hair.

“Fun, I feel there is nothing to worry about” (Hiiro)

“Eh?” (Ionis)

Even though she was unsure what Hiiro meant, something gripped her heart.

“Well, I guess girls are worried about it” (Hiiro)

Ionis diverted her gaze and looked at Muir

“Not as responsibilty, or self-interest, nor rewards. You want me to help as a friend right?” (Hiir)

“Yes!” (Muir)

As if he was a master looking down on a disciple, he crossed his arms and let out breath.

“However, you also know that I’m not someone that would take action without some sort of compensation right?” (Hiiro)

“eh, ah, yes….” (Muir)

When Muir was about to give up, she look toward Arnold for answers, then Hiiro said

“Then, this time, you should prepare something delicious for me to eat.” (Hiiro)

“……Eh?” (Muir)

Her mouth opened in surprise at Hiiro’s response.

“From what I heard, from Aoi-ribbon, you are the one that taught the old man how to cook right?” (Hiiro)

“Y-Yes.” (Muir)

“Then, make something that I can eat until I’m satisfied. That is price.” (Hiiro)

She was a bit taken aback by the response, but eventually recovered and said

“Y,-yes! I’ll try my best to serve you well!” (Muir)

She replied with a face full of smiles.

“Oi-oi, Muir…you are thinking of something else right….?” (Arnold)

No one heard Arnold when he muttered the Tsukommi (quip). When he looked at Hiiro’s broad smile, punching him in the face would be a form of divine judgement, but he kept the thoughts and action to himself.





“Then lets hurry up and do it” (Hiiro)

Hiiro concentrated magic power into his finger. An enormous amount of magic was focused on his finger tips; it was so enormous that it scared Shubluarz group.

Then he wrote the words『Restore』and moved it toward Ionis

“Ah…” (Ionis)

When Hiiro approached Ionis, she retreated in fear, but Muir embraced her arm and said in a soft voice

“Don’t worry. Believe in Hiiro” (Hiiro)

“Muir….” (Ionis)

Whether it was because she didn’t feel safe, or she didn’t want Hiiro to see her burn scar, she turned her face away.

When Hiiro saw something like that, he let out a sigh and said

“Hey, Yo-yo, give me your hand” (Hiiro)

“Eh? Ah……”(Ionis)

Without warning, Hiiro quickly gripped her hand. Even though Hiiro was a country Hero, holding hands with a boy for the first time caused her heart to beat faster.

“Don’t be so tense” (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro said something like that, her heart only beat faster. But at that moment, she felt something warm light up from the center of her body

“Ah…” (Ionis)

It might have been from the battle, but something warm started to spread from her cold hands.

“…it’s warm…” (Ionis)

The words came out of her mouth involuntarily. When she became aware, the fear that she felt before vanished like an lie.

She felt like she was standing in the rays of the spring sun. Soon, she understood that the feeling was caused by Hiiro’s magic flowing through her hands.

(Why? Why is this person’s magic power so warm…….it even feels pleasant……) (Ionis)

She unconsciously raised her face and closed her eye with a pleasant expression on her face.

Then, she felt something warm touch her forehead. And then, she felt her body becoming hot. It was especially hot between her eyebrows.

However, it wasn’t painfully hot. The parts that were less hot slowly became cooler; and the fever around her eyes gradually diminished.

No matter how much time passed. One minute, one hour the strange feeling can still be felt.

Then, she heard a voice in her ear.

“It is finished” (Hiiro)

She slowly opened her eyes.


Chapter 177: Ability of a True Ace

TL: Chuck

“Is…… Is it over?” (Arnold)
“Yes, it has already finished.” (Silva)

Not only Arnold, but also everyone else in the surroundings had a blank look on their face after hearing from Silva that the second round had reached its conclusion.

“Wha, what are you saying?! Rather, we were still fighting even though the match had already been decided?!” (Arnold)
“Yes, that is the case.” (Silva)
“Th, then why didn’t you stop it earlier!” (Arnold)

Arnold’s shouts were only natural. If what Silva had said was true, then the match had already finished, and they wouldn’t have had to fight as desperately as they did before.

“Regarding that matter, I naturally tried to make the announcement when the duel had been decided, but I was stopped by a certain person.” (Silva)
“A-A certain person?” (Arnold)

As Silva chuckled quietly and let out a smile, he said-

“Naturally, it was someone from the winning side.” (Silva)
“R-Right! Just who is that winner?!” (Arnold)

The gazes of the four people simultaneously turned to look at Silva’s mouth.

“Well, if you look over there, then everything should become clear.” (Silva)

After saying that, Silva gestured towards a large iceberg.

“Eh……ah……an iceberg?” (Muir)
“D-Did there used to be an iceberg over there before?” (Arnold)

After following Arnold, Muir also raised her voice in surprise. Though her consciousness had been faint only a few moments earlier, after she received such surprising information, she was currently on full alert.

“I-I didn’t notice it all all…… When did an iceberg like that……” (Herbreed)
“Eo noticed just now, too.” (Eonis)

Since the two of them were completely engrossed in the battle, they failed to notice the appearance of the iceberg.

“Look veeery well at the center of the iceberg.” (Silva)

At Silva’s words, everyone’s eyes strained to see the inside of the iceberg.

“……Nn? Is someone…… inside the iceberg?” (Arnold)

At Arnold’s words, Herbreed and Eonis seemed to realize something with a start as they began to run toward the iceberg.

“Ah, oi!” (Arnold)
“Eo-chan!” (Muir)

Silva then said to the two left behind,

“Well then, let’s get going as well.” (Silva)

Surprised as well, the two tried to move their body so as to follow after them. But as expected, Muir and Arnold, who had reached their limits could not move.

“Mumu, I guess it can’t be helped.” (Silva)

As Silva waved his hand towards the ground, a black smoke manifested from his hand and gradually took form.

And that form was, no matter how one looked at it, a cycle rickshaw. One by one, Silva loaded them into the rickshaw, and as he ignored the two who were dumbfounded by his magic, he said-

“Well then, shall we go?” (Silva)

In that state they headed towards the iceberg.

“Shublarz-sama?!” (Herbreed & Eonis)

Upon seeing the iceberg, Herbreed and Eonis screamed in astonishment. It was because frozen inside the iceberg was Shublarz, who was not moving.

As Arnold and co. arrived, they froze, as though they forgot how to blink.

“Hou, looks like you’ve moved up in the world, my idiot disciples.” (Rarashik)

A rather displeased-sounding voice was directed at the two sitting in the rickshaw as they arrived. When they looked towards the source of the voice, they saw Rarashik lazily drinking sake.

“Shi-shishou?!” (Arnold)

Hearing Arnold’s voice, Rarashik directed a sharp glare towards him, causing Arnold to shrink from the pressure.

“……Maa, although I didn’t think you’d win in the first place, couldn’t you have fought much better than that? Aahh?” (Rarashik)

Rarashik said with a displeased expression, most probably because the pair’s battles had failed to live up to her expectations.

“For whose sake did you think I had the two of you participate together in this duel? Although you managed to team up in the end, do it faster next time! Because the both of you are severely lacking in combat experience, didn’t I teach you countless times that you had to cooperate together to make up for it?!” (Rarashik)

Arnold and Muir could not retort and fell quiet at Rarashik’s sudden lecture. It was because they themselves knew that what Rarashik said was true. Particularly Muir, who had been focused on fighting by herself, the thought of joining forces had not crossed her mind at all.

As a result, when she got into a tough spot, Arnold had to jump in and save her. Had they linked up and fought together sooner, they would’ve had more ways to fight the enemy.

Falling prey to her desires and thinking that she had wanted to take down Eonis on her own had been Muir’s mistake. Arnold, too, wanted to fight one-on-one for a while as well.

However, after battling for a while, he had realized the reason why Rarashik had Muir participate in the battle together with him, and had hastily headed towards Muir’s location.

“……Haa, well did the two of you at least learn a bit from this? Especially Muir, analysing your opponent is natural, but work harder in trying to keep proper track of the situation around you. If you just keep on rushing head-on at whatever is in front of you, your growth will stop there.” (Rarashik)
“Y-yes. So, sorry for that……” (Muir)

Muir spoke, clearly becoming depressed as she dropped her shoulders.

“Arnold as well, I was watching you through Yuki-chan, but you shouldn’t just rely on pure strength; learn to be more flexible. Learning to predict your opponent’s next move based on their slightest movements and reacting accordingly will be the next step.” (Rarashik)
“I-I understand!” (Arnold)

Having been firmly scolded, Arnold involuntarily let out a sigh.

“Umm, Rarashik-dono, would you mind releasing her now?” (Silva)

Hearing Silva’s words, Rarashik promptly responded,

“Ooh, right. Well, with this, it’s our victory, then?” (Rarashik)
“Yes, that is the case. Well then…” (Silva)

Silva then inhaled deeply,

“The second round goes to the Gabranth!” (Silva)

Hearing the announcement, Rarashik snapped her fingers.


Cracks suddenly appeared on the iceberg, which began to crumble apart from the top.

“Shublarz-sama!” (Herbreed)

As the iceberg was breaking apart, nothing was supporting Shublarz any longer, and she started falling to the ground. Herbreed moved to catch her, checking her well-being.

“……Uu” (Shublarz)

And although Shublarz had been in the iceberg for a while, strangely enough, her body did not lose heat. If you touched her body, you could definitely feel her body temperature normally.

“Shublarz-sama?” (Herbreed)

Herbreed wasn’t sure if Shublarz had heard his words or not, but whatever the case, Shublarz slowly opened her eyes.

Then, moving her upper body and looking at the surroundings, she said with a heavy voice,

“……I lost, didn’t I……” (Shublarz)
“Shublarz-sama……” (Herbreed)
“Is your body…alright?” (Eonis)
“……Ara, Eonis? You’re not wearing your eyemask?” (Shublarz)
“Yeah, a lot of things happened.” (Eonis)
“Is that so, but first, let me say something.“ (Shublarz)

Shublarz then lowered her head towards the pair.

“I apologise for not being able to win.” (Shublarz)
“Th-that’s too much! Please raise your head!” (Herbreed)
“That’s right.” (Eonis)

Having their superior lower her head to them and apologize so suddenly, the two of them became flustered, unsure of how to react.

“No, although I fought until I became beat up like this, I still couldn’t win. That’s why, I am truly, very sorry.” (Shublarz)
“Such a thing…… Rather, for not coming to your aid immediately, we deeply apologise.” (Herbreed)
“Sorry.” (Eonis)

Shublarz smiled lightly and shook her head.

“No, but I am the reason we lost this match. Thus, I want the two of you to properly accept my apology. Don’t make me embarrass myself any further, please?” (Shublarz)
“…………Understood.” (Herbreed)
“…………Okay” (Eonis)

The two affirmed with a nod.

“B-by the way, Shublarz-sama, just what in the world happened? For someone such as yourself to be defeated so quickly is…….” (Herbreed)

To further add to the point, Rarashik was nearly uninjured. Even if they had lost, Herbreed thought that it should have been a closer fight, so he couldn’t believe it after seeing how apparently one-sidedly she had been beaten.

“……Well, now I know just who the ace of the Gabranth is.” (Shublarz)

While saying so, Shublarz looked towards Rarashik. Noticing that, Rarashik laughed and looked back.

(TN: Not sure about this line)
“Maa, if you thought the opponent was a bad match then just give up. All the top individuals of the 『Gabranth』 were once my disciples, so I can’t just go around losing so easily.” (Rarashik)


(TN: Flashback to their battle starts here)

Other than Shublarz’ 《Dance Magic》, whose effect of removing the damage inflicted on the user confused Rarashik, she had already analysed her opponent while keeping up a steady attack.

However at that time, while Shublarz was dancing again so as to continue avoiding Rarashik’s attacks, Rarashik had suddenly lost sight of her opponent.

“Nn?!” (Rarashik)

And then Shublarz appeared from behind.

“What-?!” (Rarashik)

Looking at Shublarz’ hands, her fingernails had grown to a frightening degree. Shublarz then swung her hands down as if aiming to behead her opponent.

“Tsk-!” (Shublarz)


Although she had managed to brilliantly launch an attack at Rarashik’s rear,


“Eh-?!” (Shublarz)

Shublarz, who did not feel even the sensation of tearing off the flesh from her attack, concealed a frown.

“Nice try!” (Rarashik)

This time it was Rarashik who let out a kick, which Shublarz avoided, instantaneously leaving from her previous location.

Then, having taken some distance, Shublarz observed Rarashik’s transformation. Her body, as if made of ice, emitted a cold chill as its color changed.

“……《Conversion》, huh.” (Shublarz)

Apparently, the snapping sound from her attack a while ago was the sound of the ice breaking.

“Well then, it seems to me that your magic is the so-called Unique Magic.” (Rarashik)
“I wonder if that’s the case.” (Shublarz)

The two exchanged smiles at each other.

“Kukuku, then show me the attribute of your magic.” (Rarashik)
“…………” (Shublarz)
“Using my analysis, I can more or less comprehend any magic once I see it. For your magic, it’s probably a special magic relating to your footwork……well, if it is dance magic, it’s under the class where you need to do dance in order to activate it, right?” (Rarashik)

Shublarz was smiling in silence, but she was letting out a cold sweat borne from being the target of Rarashik’s analysis which was right on point.

“First of all, all the ice in the area suddenly disappeared. No, rather than disappearing……time was reversed……right?” (Rarashik)
“……” (Shublarz)
“Well, this much was easy to infer. In addition, my magic returned to its original form as well. Even if I threw more of my scalpels to your chest, that would have been restored as well.” (Rarashik)
“……Let’s continue already.” (Shublarz)
“Heh, so you’ll acknowledge it?” (Rarashik)
“Yeah, having been analysed to this point, it’s a pretty big deal.” (Shublarz)
“Wait wait, next up is that attack just now. Your sudden burst of speed, completely unlike your speed before then, it was probably because you were skillfully dancing while evading my attacks. Meanwhile, your dance this time doubled your speed…… no, rather, it amplified it several times over…… am I right?” (Rarashik)
“……That’s really scary. Just what in the world are you?” (Shublarz)

Shublarz clicked her tongue at Rarashik’s analytic skills. She hadn’t thought that someone would be able to grasp the nature of her magic after just seeing it twice.

Her first magic didn’t really turn back time; it merely projected the state of her surroundings to what they were 10 minutes before. However, that didn’t mean that Rarashik’s hypothesis was completely wrong.

Moreover, her faster attack speed was also because of her 《Dance Magic》. Specifically, it was the effect of her 《Ancestral Gathering Dance》.

Given the five parameters STR, DEF, AGL, HIT, and INT, this magic allowed her to concentrate on a single parameter and boost it.

With her previous use of the magic as an example, she halved her four other parameters and increased her AGL as a result.

So if each parameter had 10 points in it, the target of the magic, AGL, would rise to 30, while the others would fall to just 5.

With that boost in speed, Shublarz launched a renewed attack. However, Rarashik sensed the killing intent behind her attack and evaded a fatal blow.

“Well, I’ve finished analysing you. Other than that, all that’s left to do is to carefully observe my disciples’ growths. Since we’re basically done here, is it alright if I call for some reinforcements?” (Rarashik)
“Eh?” (Shublarz)
“My wish, spun from blood since ancient times, come forth and manifest now.” (Rarashik)

Rarashik muttered as she chanted.

“Come, it’s Yuki-chan’s turn now, right?” (Rarashik)

Although Rarashik said such words, there was no visible change around her. The moment Shublarz thought just what Rarashik was trying to do, she suddenly felt the presence of something trembling behind her. And over there was……

“……A snow rabbit?” (Shublarz)

Yes, on the ground was a snow rabbit sitting.

“That rabbit’s name is Yukiouza. Well, feel free to call her Yuki-chan. But hey, is it really alright for you to just be standing there? This bunny is kinda…… scary, you know?” (Rarashik)

Yukiouza’s eyes shine with a bright red light. Yukiouza trembled again and broke off into a dash, causing Shublarz to panic and jump to the sky.

However, when Shublarz directed her gaze towards the ground to look for Yukiouza, she could not find anything there.

“……Eh-?!” (Shublarz)


Suddenly Shublarz felt something sitting on top of her head; a small object that felt cool to the touch. “It can’t be…”, Shublarz thought, but on her head was definitely Yukiouza.

“Su- such speed?! When did it-?!” (Shublarz)

Naturally, Shublarz moved to remove Yukiouza from her head, however, when she tried to do so……

*PISHIIIIIIIIIIIII* (Freezing sound)

With speed that looked like it burst, Yukiouza had finished creating a large iceberg. Frozen inside was Shublarz, for whom time had stopped.

“Good job, Yuki-chan” (Rarashik)

And thus, Silva approached Rarashik, so as to confirm the state of the battle.

“……Hmm, well, with this, the battle is over. Thus—” (Silva)

As Silva tried to announce the conclusion of the match,

“Wait for a bit.” (Rarashik)
“……What’s the matter?” (Silva)
“I want you to hold off on announcing the results for now.” (Rarashik)
“Mumumu, but isn’t being stuck in such a state dangerous to her well-being? Although this is a ‘dead or alive’ duel, if I see a participant that can be saved, it’s my policy to do so. Moreover, this particular participant is such a beauty. Nofofofofo!” (Silva)

Trying to figure out Rarashik’s reasons for not wanting to stop the match, Silva sighed.

“Be at ease. Yuki-chan’s ice simply freezes time. Her body won’t grow cold, so there’s no danger of her dying.” (Rarashik)
“I see, but still, there’s no harm in releasing her from the ice, right?” (Silva)
“Aah, although the match is over, for the sake of the growth of my two idiot disciples, I don’t want you stopping the duel just yet.” (Rarashik)
“I see, I see. Although, there’s also the danger of Arnold-dono and the other one dying, you know?” (Silva)
“Fufun, if they were to die in a place like this, then that’s simply the extent of those two idiots.” (Rarashik)

Silva stared at Rarashik for a while, and, with a puff of his cheeks, said:

“Understood.” (Silva)
“You have my thanks. Yuki-chan will head over there, so I’ll be waiting here.” (Rarashik)

Rarashik was able to survey the battle through Yukiouza’s eyes.

‘Alright. Then I’ll be going to the remaining participants’ original positions.” (Silva)

Said Silva as he left. Left behind, Rarashik muttered to herself.

“Well, if they were such poorly trained people, they wouldn’t survive this much.” (Rarashik)

As Rarashik said those words, she brought out a sake bottle from her pockets.

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 174: Muir’s Struggle

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 174: Muir’s Struggle

“Haa haa haa…”

Muir had been desperately dodging her opponent Ionis’ yoyo attacks. She had been forced to move intensely, and her stamina was being expended.

(But because of that weapon, she can’t close in at all…)

Because of the irregular movements of the yoyos Ionis had equipped on both hands, dodging was all she could do, and approaching was unthinkable.

“It’s about time to end this. I knew I didn’t have to be worried, but Shublarz-sama has it quite easy with two on one as well.”

It seems she wanted to finish things with Muir already, and head off to aid Shublarz. Again, she moved both arms to send her yoyos flying.

“Even I won’t be beaten so easily!”

She reached her hand to the holder she had hung on the back of her hips, and took something out. Like Ionis, she made a show of brandishing something in both hands, and throwing.


The Yoyo, and whatever Muir threw collided, and a metallic sound rung out. Both of their thrown weapons returned to them.

“… So that is your weapon?”

Ionis looked at Muir’s face as she spoke.

What Muir had seized in both hands were metallic discs with holes in the center, and blades garnishing the outsides. Chakrams.

She had caught them as they came back, but seeing through the movements of, and catching a weapon that spun at high speeds like a chakram would require quite a bit of training. From how she was casually wielding them without problem, one could understand just how desperately Muir had practiced with them.

“They’re called 《Koen》! Here I come!”

(TL: The Kanji for Koen spell out crimson, and circle.)

She held her breath, and tossed her two 《Koen》 once more. There truly were ret ornaments on the center of the blades, so as they spun, they looked like red circles deserving of the name.

With irregular movements, the 《Koen》 flew at Ionis. But Ionis directed her yoyos to the ground, and lowered them.

“It’s impossible.”

The 《Crimson Discs》 suddenly fell from the air to the ground. And without directing themselves at Ionis herself, they collided with the yoyos.


What’s more, they didn’t fall off. As if they had been caught on flypaper, they remained stuck fast to the yoyos.


She was thrown into confusion, unable to understand why such a phenomenon had happened.

“So these weapons are called 《Crimson Discs》. A good name.”
“But Io’s 《Kaijin》 are also amazing.”

She stuck out her chest as if to brag. It looks like the yoyos were named 《Kaijin》, but Muir didn’t have the time to care about that. She was in the middle of questioning what it was that had just happened.

(That weapon’s characteristic? No, that doesn’t feel right… it’s like some magical power is…)

She could only think about what she had seen, and she didn’t have sufficient information yet. So first, in order to determine what Ionis had done, Muir took out a small knife she had hung at her waist, and threw it.

But Ionis quite easily dodged it.

“No matter what you do, it won’t work.”

She started to swing 《Kaijin》 down at her like a lasso.

“Be done in by your own weapon!”

The 《Koen》 that had stayed stuck to 《Kaijin》 even when it had started to spin suddenly separated, and flew towards Muir.

“That’s your mistake!”

Muir’s face lightened up a little, as she narrowed her eyes, and stood ready. She skillfully caught the two chakrams heading towards her. The moment she had thought she had regained her weapons, Ionis surprised her with her next actions.

《Kaijin》 were approaching before her eyes. She had probably attacked in the gap of time after throwing 《Koen》.


Not wanting to be hit, Muir jumped to the side. But…

“Gu, Kyaah!”

Mysteriously, the yoyos made a right turn in midair, and continued to chase her. She was somehow able to defend with her 《Koen》, but as her footing was unstable, she was thrown intot eh air.

But there, Muir saw it. The 《Kaijin》 remained attached to her 《Koen》. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for the two to separate on impact, but as if that flypaper phenomenon was carrying on, they remained attached.

(… S-so that’s how it was… that’s why that knife was…)

When it seemed that she had figured something out, the yoyos finally went to return to their owner. A little unsteady, Muir rose, to get confirmation.

“Fuu~… I got it.”
“Y-your magic… it’s something that creates a magnetic attraction in objects you’ve touched once before, isn’t it?”

Ionis quite obviously twitched.

“W-wHaT CouLd yOu Be talking aBout? Io dOeSn’t UnDerStaNd.”

Her unrest was clearly visible. On her much-too-blatent change of attituce, Muir was slightly taken aback.

“IO DoEsn’t UnDeRstanD WhAt this MaGnetIsm is. Io DefInateLy isN’t a 《Magnetic Magic》 UsEr.”

Sweat started to gather on her brow, and her speech was falling in level.

“If you’re that flustered, it becomes quite obvious, you know…”

She gave an embarrassed frown.

“… How did you figure it out?”
“The knife.”
“Yes. You attracted the 《Koen》 without trying to dodge, but you avoided the knife I threw after. ”
“… Ah.”

Ionis opened her mouth, as if to say oh crap.

“Also, in that previous attack, your weapon remained stuck to my 《Koen》 for quite a while, so it was clearly strange. And before that, the way your weapon turned strangely got me caught up on it. It was as if they were being drawn closer by my own… Like a magnet.”
“… That’s all?”
“The truth is, my master told me there was a user of that sort of magic in the past. And so, I was able to arrive at the answer surprisingly quickly.”

Since Hiiro had told her that knowledge could become a splendid weapon, Muir ended up reading numerous books over the past half-year. And what she didn’t know, or had questions about, she assertively brought up with her master Ralashik.

“… Amazing. Well done.”

Ionis started hitting her hands together in pure admiration.

“I never thought you would see through it.”
“And so, it looks like it would be best if I don’t use 《Koen》 against you, unfortunately.”

As she said that, she quietly placed them on the ground. If she kept them, she would become a moving target.

“Ah, if it was going to end up like this, I should have poured my magnetism into you the first time my attacks hit.”
“As, as I thought, you didn’t use it at that time. If you had, I wouldn’t even be able to dodge your attacks now.”
“Yeah, in truth, I was sure I would be able to beat you quite easily.”
“I-I see…”

It seems she was in shock at how much she was being taken lightly.

“But it was a failure. A mistake.”
“… Can I hear your name?”
“Ah, yes. It’s Muir. Muir Castrea.”
“Muir… yep, I’ve remembered it. It is called Ionis. You can call Io Io.”
“Eh, ah… yes. Io…san.”
“Io is fine. And honorifics aren’t needed. Io will also call Muir Muir.”
“… Underst… no, I got it, Io-chan.”
“…… Io-chan… First time I’ve been called that.”

For some reason, Ionis’s face turned a deep red.

“Ah, wawawa, I’m sorry! Was that… too intimate?”
“No! That’s fine. It was just a little surprising.”
“Hwah… G-good…”

Muir put her hand to her chest, and took in a deep breath.

“But Muir, from here on, I’m not holding back. Io goes after opponents she’s recognized at full force.”
“… Yes, I’ll also put my all into it, Io-chan!”

They faced one another.

“《Fang of Lightning》!”

From Muir, a pillar of lightning was emitted.

“That won’t hit!”

Io lightly dodged, and threw 《Kaijin》.

“It’s the real deal from here on!”

This time, from both of Muir’s hands, several soap bubble-like things emerged.

The moment 《Kaijin》 hit them, the bubbles suddenly grew bigger, and enveloped it.

Within them, a fearsome amout of electricity discharged, and the yoyo’s movement halted.

“It’s 《Lightning Void》!”

The bubbles also flew towards Ionis.

“Good job!”

Ionis admired Muir’s attack, as she avoided it magnificently once more.


The sight of her getting off without a scratch made her unintentionally let out her voice at the girl’s dodging ability.

“This time I’ll touch you directly, and send in magnetism!”

Ionis rushed directly at Muir. From how she easily discarded 《Kaijin》, it didn’t seem that she was all to dependent on her weapon.

The way she remained calm after having her weapon taken was fitting of a captain with an army left to her.

Ionis’s speed was high, and at this rate, like the first time, Muir was going to easily take a kick. And if her body was polarized, her own body’s movements would be completely taken over, so she wanted to stop that no matter what.

But she didn’t have her weapons either. She was frantically moving to dodge, but continuing to avoid her was difficult. Finally, Ionis’s fist was able to seize Muir’s left shoulder.

The moment she felt she had the advantage in the match…

The moment she touched Muir’s body, a pain like static electricity assailed her body, and…

A large electrical discharged centered around Muir’s body manifested.


Ionis immediately jumped back to gain distance. And with her body feeling numb all over, she looked at the girl in front of her in surprise.

The reason was that on the top of Muir’s head, her beast ears had changed shape into wings. Even now, a large quantity of electricity was being released from her body.

Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro

Translator: Kiriko

Editor: Ghost

Proofreader: Leo

Perspective: Third

Tense: Past

KnW Chapter 160 Translation – Coming to Like Hiiro

“There’s no way I could possibly forget. Say, Mimir, since then, have you met with the『Spirit』at all?” (Leowald)

“Eh……..I-I haven’t but……..” (Mimir)

Mimir stole a couple glances at Arnold, giving off a feeling of restlessness. As Hiiro had asked her to be quiet about it, she had told them that she had been healed by a 『Spirit』 at that time.

“About that 『Spirit』, please try to properly recall it. What did it look like? And what did it say to Mimir-sama?!” (Arnold)

“Fu-fumu.” (Leowald)

Although he was confused because of Arnold, who appeared a little excited, Leowald recounted the details of the『Spirit』’s appearance that he had heard from Mimir before.

“If I remember correctly……he wore glasses, and had a red robe……hm?” (Leowald)

“Do you see now?” (Arnold)

“………w-wait a moment.” (Leowald)

Leowald looked at the grinning Arnold, confirming that the conclusion he had just thought of was true. Then, he turned his gaze towards Mimir.

“Mimir, please answer honestly.” (Leowald)

“Umm…..” (Mimir)

After seeing Mimir’s flustered-looking face, Muir became nervous, as she didn’t know what to do.

“The one who healed you was not a 『Spirit』………was it?” (Leowald)

“…………….” (Mimir)

She kept quiet as she continued to stare at Leowald. It seemed that she kept her mouth closed in order to protect her promise with Hiiro. Arnold opened his mouth in an attempt to help her out.

“Mimir-sama was ordered by Hiiro to keep quiet. That was her promise with Hiiro and it is also a bond that Mimir-sama has been treasuring greatly. That is why she cannot possibly break that promise herself. Therefore, Leowald-sama, I will tell you the truth myself.” (Arnold)

“…….hou.” (Leowald)

“As you may have guessed, the one who restored Mimir-sama’s voice was Hiiro. Rather, I feel that the only one capable of doing that is Hiiro.” (Arnold)

“O-Ojisan! Is it really alright to say that?!” (Muir)

Unable to endure it anymore, Muir involuntarily yelled. However, Arnold shook his head.

“It’s fine already. He clearly isn’t trying to hide his magic anymore. It’s also sad for Mimir-sama if she has to keep the truth from her family forever, after all.” (Arnold)

“Ah……” (Muir)

After realizing that Arnold was not simply rampaging, but also thinking about Mimir’s circumstances, Muir’s chest became warm.

“Well, honestly speaking, I figured that with this, that guy will get mixed up in some sort of trouble.” (Arnold)

The warm feeling in Muir’s chest chilled at light-speed.

“O-Ojisan……” (Muir)

Seeing her half-closed eyes glaring at him, Arnold began to spout out excuses.

“N-No, in the first place, it’s entirely his fault! He’s always, always, way too self-centred! His reason for participating in this war is probably because of that, you know? I’m pretty sure that it’s because【Xaos】has some delicious food or rare books, right?” (Arnold)

“Uu…….” (Muir)

She couldn’t deny it. Rather, Muir herself also thought that was the case. He was not the sort of heroic person who would move based on a sense of justice. He truly was a person who was faithful to his own desires after all.

However, if it was for the sake of some food or book he was fascinated with; Hiiro would calmly go to dangerous locations or perform some dangerous actions. He would easily bet his own life in these situations for trivial reasons that other people would be completely unable to understand.

Leowald seemed to find the exchange between Arnold and Muir rather interesting, as he heartily laughed with a “Gahaha!”

“That youngster Hiiro must be quite the eccentric individual! You know him too, right Rara?” (Leowald)

“Yeah, he’s an extremely interesting guy.” (Rarashik)

“Hohou, for you to say that much…..umu. Mimir, come here.” (Leowald)

Mimir gave a small twitch. Most likely, rather than choosing to remain silent up until now, she was afraid that she’d be scolded for lying.

Leowald picked her up with his large arms and sat her down on his lap as he pat her head.

“I’m sorry.” (Leowald)

“Eh? O-Otou-sama?” (Mimir)

She was surprised as she suddenly received her father’s apology.

“I forcibly asked without taking your feelings into account. That’s right, to you, he’s your benefactor. No, he’s your great benefactor. You couldn’t possibly break a promise you made to someone like that.” (Leowald)

“Otou-sama…….” (Mimir)

“However, there’s no need to worry anymore. Arnold said this as well, but it seems that your great benefactor is not trying to hide his power anymore. It must have been tough being unable to tell your family the truth up until now.” (Leowald)

“Uu……..I-I’m…….very……..sorry……” (Mimir)

Mimir buried her head into Leowald’s chest and lightly cried. Leowald gently stroked her head; everyone stayed silent until she finished crying.

(Isn’t that great, Mimir-chan?) (Muir)

Muir also watched over the two of them warmly. For a short while, she had been worried, but it seemed that Arnold’s actions had led to a good turn of events. However, it was also possible that they would have led to a series of bad events.

(That’s why, no meals for Ojisan today!) (Muir)

When she glared at Arnold while thinking that, he let out a small scream and went “Hii!”, as he brought his hands together in apology towards Muir. It seemed that he was aware that he had gone a little too out of control.

“Umu, but still, this is quite the problem.” (Leowald)

At Leowald’s sudden murmur, Rarashik asked,

“What’s wrong?” (Rarashik)

“It’s just, you know, we said it before too, but right now that youngster is on the『Evila』’s side.” (Leowald)

Everyone gasped in realization. Indeed, Hiiro was currently standing as an enemy of the beastmen.

“To think that he would be Arnold’s friend and Mimir’s great benefactor…….muu.” (Leowald)

As nobody knew what would be the best thing to say in this situation, they all remained silent.

(That’s right……..right now we’re at war with the Demon Continent that Hiiro-san is in…….) (Muir)

Just as Muir started to become uneasy, her eyes suddenly met with Mimir’s. Mimir too seemed to have had an epiphany as her face became dyed with anxiety.

As they did so, Leowald suddenly clapped his hands together.

“Ooh, if that’s the case, then isn’t it simple?!” (Leowald)

Everyone gave a blank look as they turned their eyes towards him.

“Let’s have that youngster participate in the upcoming duel! No, someone possessing that degree of power will definitely be made to participate. And once we win, we’ll take him!” (Leowald)

“…….duel? What do you mean by duel?” (Rarashik)

“Ohh, now that I think of it, Rara, I still haven’t told you about that yet. For now, why don’t you read this letter?” (Leowald)

After saying that, Leowald took out the letter sent to him by the Maou Eveam from his bosom. Rather than proposing a large-scale battle, its contents suggested that they decide the outcome of the war by having each countries’ strongest members fight each other in a duel.

Taking the paper, Rarashik scanned over its contents. Then-

“……..haha, nahahahahaha! What a foolish Maou! Nahahahaha!” (Rarashik)

“Right? But it’s quite interesting and really is a likeable way of thinking.” (Leowald)

“So it seems. Kukuku.” (Rarashik)

Unable to understand the reason for their laughter, Arnold asked about it and Rarashik explained the contents of the letter.

Both Muir and Arnold were surprised at the contents as feelings of shock ran through them.

(Somehow, it might be my imagination, but this duel……I wonder why it feels like it’s one of Hiiro-san’s ideas……?) (Muir) (TL note: Best waifu right here. ED: She knows her man like the back of her little hand.)

In truth, Eveam really had used Hiiro’s idea. As expected of Muir’s intuition.

“So how about it, Rara?” (Leowald)

“No, I understand without you telling me. You want me to participate in this duel, right?” (Rarashik)

“Exactly. If it’s this kind of interesting battle, I figured that you’d also want to try participating.” (Leowald)

“That’s true…….I’m interested. I want to see the Maou who’d propose this kind of foolish idea with my own eyes, but above all……” (Rarashik)

She turned her gaze towards Muir and Arnold.

“I want to try meeting with that brat one more time.” (Rarashik)

“In that case-“ (Leowald)

“Yeah, I’ll participate, but only if you accept my conditions.” (Rarashik)

“……conditions? Name them.” (Leowald)

“It’s alright, it’s pretty simple. These two…….” (Rarashik)

Naturally, she was talking about Muir and Arnold.

“If you let Arnold and Muir participate as well, then I’ll take up your offer.” (Rarashik)

For a short while, silence reigned over the surroundings. And then-

“ “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “ (Arnold and Muir)

The two of them released a tremendous scream.

Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~

Chapter Stats:

Translator: Kiriko

Editor: Ghost/Sakkun

Proofreader: Leo

Perspective: Third


KnW Chapter 159 Translation – The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~

Frankly speaking, Muir was surprised. She didn’t think that she’d be hearing rumors of that person in such a place after all.

That person……..over half a year passed since she had separated with Hiiro Okamura. Half a year ago, Hiiro had said that he’d come back if he was free.

That’s why Muir believed in Hiiro’s words and trained desperately so that when the time came, she’d be able to fight alongside him. In order not to become a burden, she had trained hard together with her foster father, Arnold.

While thinking that it would soon be 6 months since their separation, she excitedly waited for Hiiro’s return. However, even after the promised 6 months had long passed, he had not contacted them at all.

As for their training, it had ended off at a good place where all that remained mainly centered around self-practice. Thinking that they’d be better off finding Hiiro themselves if he didn’t come back on his own, Muir discussed the idea with Arnold.

However, Arnold told her that even if they knew Hiiro’s destination, it would be too dangerous to go meet him themselves. That was to be expected. If his destination was as he had told them before, it was likely the Demon Continent.

It was not a place that beastmen like Muir and co. could easily go to. If they were like Hiiro and could use transformation magic, then it’d most likely be fine, but unfortunately, they did not possess such convenient magic.

Arnold had also said that they should just leave such a heartless guy alone. However, Muir knew that he did, truthfully, want to see Hiiro as well.

The reason she knew that was because when she had mentioned going to meet him on her own, Arnold had made a happy-looking face. But in reality, they had no means to do so. That was why they had no choice but to continue staying with their master, Rarashik, and train themselves to reach even greater heights.

At that time, an unexpected visitor appeared. Muir couldn’t have possibly predicted that the visitor would have been one of the great 《Three Warriors》of the 《Beastman Captial: Passion》, Barid. Not only that, but they heard a surprising story from Barid.

Right now, they were at war. That was something that anyone within the country would know. Along with the fact that they had made an alliance with the 『Humas』for it. However, in that war, the beastmen were forced to retreat by the 『Evila』.

Furthermore, the cause of that retreat was a single person. A 『Humas』who was being thought of as a hero by those on the side of the 『Evila』. Not only that, but that person’s features seemed to highly resemble that of a certain person that Muir knew really well.

No, likely, Hiiro was the only one she could possibly think of, who could do such unprecedented feats. Arnold also seemed to have arrived at the same conclusion, as he was displaying a shocked expression. His obviously warped face was then confirmed by Muir.

Then, at last, Rarashik also arrived at the same answer. While she had initially adamantly refused Barid’s recruitment for the war, she suddenly changed her mind and accepted his invitation to at least go back and listen to the King’s story.

And so, currently, all three of them had followed Barid to【Passion】’s castle, and had arrived at the 《King’s Tree》’s 《Throne Room》.

“It was good of you to come, Rara.” (Leowald)

The one who was sitting on the throne while speaking was the King of this country, Leowald King. This was not the first time Muir had met with him in person.

Following a series of unexpected events, she had become friends with the Second Princess Mimir. Occasionally, she had been invited by Mimir to play at the castle.

During those times, she and Arnold had met Leowald on numerous occasions. However, even if this wasn’t their first meeting, seeing him here on such a formal visit did, as expected, make her nervous.

It seemed that Arnold, who was kneeling next to her, also held similar thoughts, as his nervousness appeared on his face.

However, Rarashik alone kept her usual attitude as she stood right in front of the King.

“It’s been a while, Leo-sama.” (Rarashik)

“It’s good that Rara also seems to be energetic as usual. Also, sorry for suddenly summoning you.” (Leowald)

Muir was aware that the two of them had a fairly intimate relationship. When Rarashik was still working as a martial arts instructor, she had taught Leowald.

“No, I actually didn’t have any intention of coming. It’s just that I heard an interesting story.” (Rarashik)

“……..about the Red Robe?” (Leowald)

Leowald’s eyes glinted.

“Yeah, that’s right. After all, it seems like Leo-sama was shown up by that guy.” (Rarashik)

“Gahaha! That’s right! What a pleasant youngster he was!” (Leowald)

“Looks like you’re having fun, Leo-sama.” (Rarashik)

“Yeah, my blood’s boiling for the first time in a while. I had a small battle with him. Undoubtedly, he has the qualities needed to become my rival.” (Leowald)

Upon seeing Leowald’s happy smile, Rarashik shrugged her shoulders.

“I see, seems like that guy’s become liked by a troublesome person.” (Rarashik)

As she said that, Leowald’s eyebrow twitched. Barid, in addition to the other soldiers in the room, froze suddenly, having been caught off guard by Rarashik’s statement.

“……..Rara, do you know? Who exactly that Red Robe is?” (Leowald)

“Yeah, but just in case, I’ll at least ask what his name is. Since it is possible that it’s just a misunderstanding on our part.” (Rarashik)

Although she said that, it could be seen from her expression that Rarashik was confident in her answer. Muir was also confident, but listened carefully in order to reaffirm her answer.

“I don’t know if it was his real name, but he was called Hiiro by the Maou.” (Leowald)

As he said that, the corners of Rarashik’s mouth rose into a large grin. Seeing her expression, Leowald also understood.

“It seems that he’s an acquaintance.” (Leowald)

“Yeah, although if it’s about that youngster, then these two here would be more informed. They were his former travel companions after all.” (Rarashik)

“What!?” (Leowald)

The eyes of everyone in the room widened.

“Is that true, Arnold and Muir?” (Leowald)

As they had introduced themselves when they had met previously, Leowald knew their names.

“ “Yes!” “

The two of them raised their voices in affirmation at the same time.

“I see! That is quite the coincidence! Do tell some stories about that youngster!” (Leowald)

Arnold answered Leowald’s request. He spoke about where they had met and what kind of adventures they had gone on together. However, he had, for the time being, attempted to speak in a way that would conceal the details of Hiiro’s magic.

Well, as Hiiro seemed to be acting as if he had no intention of hiding it, it might have been okay to talk about his magic. However, as long as he didn’t have permission from the person himself, Arnold felt awkward about explaining the details of Hiiro’s magic to others.

Even so, it wasn’t like Arnold knew all that much about Hiiro’s magic anyways. So all he said was that it was an excessively omnipotent magic.

Leowald enjoyably listened to Arnold’s stories.

“Hohou, so you came to this country with this Hiiro person. How unfortunate. If we had been able to recruit him at that time, then around now, we would have returned with our heads held high.” (Leowald)

It seemed that his assessment of Hiiro was simply that high.

“However, Arnold, having heard your story and seen Hiiro’s actions myself, he’s likely a user of a Unique Magic. Not only that, but he’s human. I’m surprised that he would come to trust beastmen such as yourselves.”(Leowald)

His words were only natural. The discord between the『Gabranth』and 『Humas』was considerably higher than that of the discord between the 『Gabranth』and the 『Evila』. The reason being that in the past, they had been treated as livestock and slaves by the humans.

“That’s true. Certainly, there are many things that he says and does that I can’t understand at all. However, for better or worse, that guy is straightforward.” (Arnold)

“Hou, straightforward, you say?” (Leowald)

“Yes. He’s a guy that continues forwards according to what he feels. It’s like he doesn’t believe in the values of others and their rumors. He’s a human who reaches an answer based solely upon what he has directly seen with his own eyes, heard with his own ears, and felt with his own skin.”(Arnold)

“Fumu.” (Leowald)

“When he found out that I, no, when we were beastmen, do you know what he said?” (Arnold)

“That sounds interesting, what did he say?” (Leowald)

“That…….he has nothing to do with it.” (Arnold)

“………….” (Leowald)

“『Race has nothing to do with it. In the first place, even if your race is different, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re all alive, right? To be honest, I have no interest in it. What’s so fun about fighting over it?』…… really pulled all the fighting spirit out of me.” (Arnold)

At Arnold’s words, Muir smiled while Leowald’s face once again broke into a smile.

“Hohou, that’s excellent.” (Leowald)

“Heh?” (Arnold)

“Excellent…….that’s excellent, Hiiro. This truly makes me want to obtain him by all means.” (Leowald) (TL: Hyu hyu~ another one for Hiiro’s harem~)

As Muir became dumbfounded, Rarashik murmured, “Ah, shoot~” as she realized what Leowald was thinking.

“It seems that the youngster has been completely targeted. By that battle junkie.” (Rarashik)

“O-Ojisan……?” (Muir)

When Muir looked towards Arnold anxiously, she noticed that before she knew it, he had brought his hands together in prayer, and said,

“You have my condolences, Hiiro.” (Arnold)

“Wait, Ojisan!” (Muir)

“It’s fine, Muir. It’ll be a good medicine for that idiot. This is revenge for leaving us without saying anything and breaking his promise with us.” (Arnold)

Upon seeing the obviously evil expression Arnold was making, Muir dropped her shoulders as if she were amazed. While she understood his feelings, she also felt that he had gone a bit too far.

“Hiiro…….?” (???)

As she did so, she heard someone’s voice.

“Ooh, what is it, my daughter, Mimir? Your friends have come, you know?” (Leowald)

“Father, um, just now…….I thought I heard Hiiro-sama’s name……” (Mimir)

“Mu? Hiiro? Why do you know Hiiro’s name?” (Leowald)

“Ah, eh………that is…..” (Mimir)

Upon seeing that, Arnold’s eyes glinted. Muir’s face cramped up, as she thought to herself-

(O-Ojisan, don’t tell me……) (Muir)

Although she thought that and was about to stop him, she was too late.

“Leowald-sama, actually, there is one more thing that I feel you must hear.” (Arnold)

Upon seeing Arnold suddenly making a good face while acting respectfully, Rarashik’s eyes flickered as she froze.

“Wh-what is it?” (Leowald)

“Do you still remember? The incident from half a year ago when Mimir-sama’s voice suddenly returned?” (Arnold)

Realizing that he was planning on blabbing everything like she thought, Muir’s mouth flapped open and closed with shock.

Chapter 158: It’s Definitely About Him!

Chapter Stats:

Translator: Kiriko

Editor: Chucky/Dal

Proofreader: Leo

Perspective: Third

Tense: Past

Format: Kiriko


KnW Chapter 158 Translation – It’s Definitely About Him!

“Haah, please go easy on me, Shishou” (Arnold)

“My bad, my bad. In exchange, make me some snacks, ‘kay?” (Rarashik)

“………………..yes, yes.” (Arnold)

Arnold rubbed his temples as he helplessly agreed, because defying her was dangerous. At one point, there was an incident where he had promised to make her snacks, but had forgotten to do so. At the time, her eyes had lost all light as she proceeded to spend half a day masquerading her one-sided beating of him as if it were actual combat training.

Arnold also helped tidy up her room. After finally making it somewhat tidy, he asked Rarashik.

“By the way, you told me to wake you up at this time, but is there something you need to do?” (Arnold)

“No, not really. It’s just that this tsukemono tastes best when eaten around this time” (Rarashik)

As she said that, she took out a small jar from the alcove slab.

“I was planning on having a drink with this!” (Rarashik)

“…………….um, Shishou?” (Arnold)

“What is it?” (Rarashik)

“Didn’t your head hurt in the morning because of hangovers?” (Arnold)

“Hmph, don’t speak so foolishly Arnold. Did you think that something like a hangover could stop me from drinking alcohol?” (Rarashik)

Although she said those words as though they were final with a dangerous glitter in her eyes, Arnold’s face simply cramped in exasperation.

Deciding to himself that there was no point in arguing any more, Arnold feigned laughter. At that moment, he heard the sound of knocking coming from the house’s door. The three of them tilted their heads simultaneously.

The reason for their surprise was that for the past half-year, nobody had ever to come visit them. Rarashik’s interactions with her neighbours were simply that lacking.

Below this house was an enormous space that Rarashik had created, within which there were numerous rooms established. Arnold and Muir lived within one of those rooms, but this was the first time they had ever heard knocking like this.

“Mu……….somehow I have a bad feeling” (Rarashik)

Rarashik spoke while scowling. As she did so, Muir narrowed her cute large eyes, while the ears on her head stood up attentively.

“You shouldn’t say something like that Oshishou-sama. It is our first guest in a while after all” (Muir)

After saying that, Muir replied to the knocking with a, “Ha~i”. Her beautiful silver hair fluttered as she headed towards the door. Seeing that, Rarashik and Arnold quietly watched her.

“Excuse me, but Rarashik-dono should be here, correct?” (???)

On the other side of the door was a beastman with wings growing out of his back. Muir figured that he was a 『Birdman』based on his appearance alone.

“Hm? This voice….” (Rarashik)

Rarashik murmured in a low voice as her eyes narrowed and gazed over at the person standing in the doorway to confirm their identity.

“Ah, yes. Um…..” (Muir)

Muir moved her body to the side so that Rarashik could to see the visitor.

“Hou, this is quite the unusual guest. To think that the famous 《Thunder Lord》Barid-san would step into a civilian’s house like this” (Rarashik)

Responding to Rarashik’s words dripping with sarcasm, Barid dropped his shoulders with humility.

“Please stop. Compared to you, someone like me is still the same as some youngster. Although I may have risen in status, that is simply because you trained me, is it not?” (Barid)

Muir approached Arnold and asked who their guest was.

“That person is a member of the 《Three Warriors》, Barid-sama, who holds the second title of 《Thunder Lord》” (Arnold)

“Th-th-th-th-《Three Warriors》!? Th-then isn’t he an important person!” (Muir)

“Young lady, why are you surprised? Isn’t the one over there clearly a great person?” (Barid)

Muir was not surprised at Barid’s words. This was because she was aware of how great a contribution Rarashik has made to the beastmen. After all, the invention of《Binding》was praised as one of the beastmen’s greatest, most historic achievements.

“That is exactly why we prepared a dwelling much more suited to someone of your stature, as opposed to this kind of tiny place. Even now, I still don’t understand why you didn’t accept any kind of honour or status, you know?” (Barid)

“Hmph, why do I have to justify anything to you? I like this place. Glamorous jewels or lavish honour and statuses won’t fill up your stomach at all” (Rarashik) (please double-check this line)

“Ah, but if it’s alcohol, then you’ll accept it right?” (Arnold)

“Of course” (Rarashik)

Readily nodding at Arnold’s comment, Rarashik ate the tsukemono and proceeded to chug down alcohol. Thinking that she somehow resembled Hiiro after all, Arnold gave a wry smile. Especially in how she was faithful to her own desires.

“Rather, you came to talk about stuff like that Barid? Actually, aren’t you in the middle of a war right now? What happened, did you lose?” (Rarashik)

Seeing her talk indifferently as though it were someone else’s affairs, Barid let out a sigh.

“………actually, it’s about that war. Right now, the King has returned to the castle” (Barid)

“……….hah? Oi oi, did you really lose the war?” (Rarashik)

Unless that was the case, there wouldn’t likely be any other reason why the King would return during wartime. Naturally, if they had won, they would have returned in a much grander manner while notifying the entire town of their success.

“No, we haven’t lost……yet.” (Barid)

“Yet? …….you mean that even though we formed an alliance with the 『Humas』, the situation is still bad?” (Rarashik)

“It’d be fine if the situation was just bad. After calmly analyzing the situation, at this rate we’ll definitely be defeated. No, we’ve actually already been forced to retreat once.” (Barid)

Rarashik’s eyes widened with surprise at Barid’s words.

“Even with the alliance………we still had to retreat? After going all the way to invade the Demon Continent?” (Rarashik)

Barid then spoke as he gave a bitter smile.

“Yes. An unbelievable irregular appeared, and everyone was toyed with by that one person” (Barid)

“That person? Oi oi, don’t tell me that you were all cornered to the point of retreat by a single person?” (Rarashik)

“………..precisely.” (Barid)

The room fell silent as though time had stopped. Arnold too was astonished after hearing that story. The war in which they should have had an advantage was overturned due to a single person. After finding such a thing out, anyone would doubt its authenticity.

However, upon seeing Barid’s expression, it was hard to think that he was exaggerating or joking around. Everyone in the room understood that he was sincerely speaking the truth.

“Fu~n, and? Did you come to tell me to lend a hand ‘cause things got bad?” (Rarashik)

“………………….” (Barid)

“…….haa, you know, Barid. Aren’t you aware that I hate being used like this in wars?” (Rarashik)

“I am aware of that” (Barid)

“Then you know that my answer won’t change no matter how much you beg, right?” (Rarashik)

“Yes. However, I would like for you to at least speak with the King once” (Barid)

“It’s a pain, so I don’t wanna” (Rarashik)

As expected, after seeing Rarashik deny the King’s request for such a frivolous reason, Arnold chilled with fear.

“This time, the war has moved in an unforeseen direction. All because of that irregular.” (Barid)

“Nahaha, for them to make you guys that confused, they must be quite the individual.” (Rarashik)

Seeing her smile as though she were having fun, Barid became slightly sullen.

“Is there something amusing about this?” (Barid)

“It simply means that there’s always someone better. After obtaining 《Binding》you all seemed to be happy, but after this time, you guys understood, right? Even if you have power, opponents against which that power doesn’t work exist” (Rarashik)

“That’s…..” (Barid)

“Just why do you think I developed 《Binding》? It wasn’t so that you guys could wage war.” (Rarashik)

“…………I understand that, but-“ (Barid)

“You don’t understand. Do you remember what you guys first said while celebrating when you finally obtained power?” (Rarashik)

“…………….” (Barid)

“You guys said, ‘Now we can finally defeat the 『Evila』and 『Humas』’” (Rarashik)

Probably because it was the truth, Barid didn’t object.

“That’s why I quit being a military instructor and distanced myself from you guys. Simply put, I became disgusted with your remarks and compliments” (Rarashik)

“I-I understand that…..but please, at least this one time, please speak with the King!” (Barid)

As he said that, Barid politely lowered his head. Seeing one of the top members of their country, Barid, the leader of the 《Three Warriors》lower his head so easily made both Arnold and Muir want to disappear as they fidgeted restlessly.

“………go back Barid” (Rarashik)

Nevertheless, Rarashik struck him with chilling words.

“Rarashik-sama!” (Barid)

“It’s the war that you guys started. Whether you win or lose, wipe your own asses” (Rarashik)

“Kuh……..” (Barid)

Deciding that it would be useless to say anything more, Barid turned his back to the three of them while grinding his teeth. Rarashik said one last thing as she saw that he was about to leave.

“Now that I think of it, at least tell me about it. What kind of guy was that irregular?” (Rarashik)

“………..I do not know. All I could conclude was that they were simply an abnormal existence. They were a 『Humas』that used a strange magic” (Barid)

“Hou, a 『Humas』being the ally of the 『Evila』? That’s quite the strange situation. But more importantly, what do you mean by a strange magic?” (Rarashik)

“They used transformation, healing, explosive, and other magics whose origins we couldn’t figure out” (Barid)

At Barid’s words, Arnold and Muir twitched.

“They were able to withstand the King’s attack unharmed using a wall of light, destroy a bridge in a single breath, and even fly in the air.” (Barid)

“O-oi oi, was that really a human?” (Rarashik)

Hearing such a joke-like story, Rarashik’s face cramped. However, Arnold was-

(I-it couldn’t be……..) (Arnold)

At the answer that had emerged within him, his body involuntarily became hotter.

“Based on appearance, they were human. Based on what the King said, they had black hair and eyes, and wore glasses as well as a red robe” (Barid)

(Hiiro!?) (Arnold)

Arnold screamed within his heart. Meanwhile, next to him Muir may have also reached the same answer as him, as her expression was warped with surprise.

Both of them then glanced at each other in assessment.

“Ah, he also said that he was a boy with an incredibly arrogant attitude” (Barid)

(It’s decideddddd!) (Arnold)

The two of them were certain within their hearts. That the irregular existence that he had spoken of was the Hiiro Okamura that they knew.

“Arrogant? Red robe? Hm? Wait…..a moment?” (Rarashik)

Rarashik also became taken aback as she looked at the faces of the two. And as the three of their eyes met, they nodded in assent: their answers matched.

“That’s all the information I have. Now then, I will be……..” (Barid)

Then, just as he opened the door dejectedly-

“Wait Barid” (Rarashik)

He was called out by Rarashik, and froze.

“Wh-what is it?” (Barid)

Unable to comprehend why he had suddenly been stopped, Barid looked blankly as he asked. As he did so, the corners of her mouth rose as she grinned-

“I’ve changed my mind a bit. Let me meet the King, Barid” (Rarashik)

Chapter 157 – Longtime Companions

Format: LoliQ

Tense: Past

Translator: Chuck

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Chapter 157 – Longtime Companions

After Hiiro returned to his room, Liliyn interrogated him about his discussion with Aquinas, just as he expected. In order to make her understand, Hiiro spoke without hiding anything.

Not only that, but for some reason she seemed to be making a relieved expression. It was likely because her concerns were proven to be false.

“Well, if that is what you have decided, I won’t do anything to stop you.” (Liliyn)

“Nofofofofo! Ojou-sama was really worried about Hiiro-sama and kept asking “Has he returned yet?” She was not able to settle down at all!” (Silva)

“T-t-t-t-t-that’s not true, you morooooooooooon!” (Liliyn)

“Buhen—?!” (Silva)

Because of Silva’s unnecessary remarks, Liliyn’s face instantly flushed a deep red. As if to hide her feelings, she kicked Silva in the face.

Although Shamoe was surprised by the sudden act of violence, she took care of the now silent Silva who was sprawled on the ground.

“Haa haa haa haa……. Listen well, Hiiro! That bastard was spouting nonsense! It wasn’t like that, alright?!” (Liliyn)

With somewhat teary eyes, she pointed her finger and frantically denied the validity of Silva’s comments. Hiiro glanced at her and—

“Is that so…” (Hiiro)

He replied in a completely indifferent manner. Naturally, Liliyn was taken aback by his total disinterest. She glared at him and said—

“Y-y-y-y-y-you fool! Someday, I will make you kneel before me!” (Liliyn)

Even as she yelled, Liliyn’s still-red face and tiny body didn’t evoke a single ounce of fear. Rather, seeing her act so desperately would make anyone smile.

(What are you acting so desperate for……) (Hiiro)

Sadly, nothing Lilyn said affected Hiiro in the slightest. He gave out the same dry answer as usual.

“Sh-shishou!” (Nikki)

Without any warning, Nikki clenched her fists and yelled.

“What?” (Hiiro)

“S-Shishou is, um… going to the duel, right?!?!” (Nikki)

“Yeah.” (Hiiro)

Nikki then gave a clearly restless expression. Hiiro understood what she wanted to say and indifferently told her—

“You’re no good.” (Hiiro)

“Eeeh!? W-why?!“ (Nikki)

Nikki showed a very disappointed face, as though she had received a great shock.

“It’s only natural; it’s still too early for you.” (Hiiro)

“B-But…… I want to help Shishou!” (Nikki)

“This request is for me. You don’t need to be involved.” (Hiiro)

“Uuuu……” (Nikki)

She fell silent at Hiiro’s complete rejection.

“This is a duel involving the fate of this country. You’ve still got a long way to go before you can even think about shouldering such a responsibility.” (Hiiro)

“Uuuu~ stronger!” (Nikki)

“Ha?” (Hiiro)

“Stronger, stronger, strongeeeeeer! If I become stronger, then can I fight alongside Shishou?!” (Nikki)

She set her lips straight and gave Hiiro a serious look. After seeing such a display, Hiiro sighed and nodded his head.

“Let’s see, just getting stronger isn’t enough. But, well, if you become stronger, then I guess I can let you fight together with me.” (Hiiro)

“Then, I will become stronger! So when the time comes, I will look forward to fighting with you!” (Nikki)

“….Well, I’ll be waiting for it.” (Hiiro)

Hiiro flicked Nikki on the forehead, making a ton sound. Nikki’s expression lightened considerably, but Mikazuki was dissatisfied with this turn of events and puffed her cheeks.

“Buu~! Why is it only Nikki~? Mikazuki wants to be flicked too!” (Mikazuki)

Although Mikazuki started to throw a tantrum, Hiiro completely disregarded her. Nikki stuck out her chest with pride, making a *fufun* sound, while feeling superior over the childish Mikazuki.

“Ku…… Ku…… Kuiiii! Shamoe-chaaaaaan!” (Mikazuki)

The mortified Mikazuki dove towards Shamoe’s chest. Shamoe then kindly stroked Mikazuki’s head to console her.

“Speaking of which, when will the duel take place?” (Silva)

Asked Silva, who had recovered without anyone noticing.

“I still don’t know. Even if we finish all the preparations, shouldn’t we also worry about the other side? Well, we can be sure they’ll bring their best fighters.” (Hiiro)

“Hohou, then the <<Three Warriors>> will certainly be there. The Beast King and…There were two, right? The two princes, as well.” (Silva)

Silva’s investigation churned out nothing but top-class names.

“Iya……” (Hiiro)

“Nofo? Are there others?” (Silva)

“……It’s nothing” (Hiiro)

Hiiro recalled his conversation with Aquinas. As they talked about the opponent’s strength, he heard a nostalgic name.

(Don’t tell me that person’s thinking of participating. But then again, there’s a small chance they will.) (Hiiro)

As Hiiro gazed into the distance, everyone tilted their heads while looking at him.

In a place filled with alcohol bottles, something moved with a *goso goso* sound. From its movements, it seemed to be a person. While half asleep, that person rolled around and hit some bottles, toppling them over and making a *karan!* sound.

Soon after, someone’s footsteps could be heard approaching. Upon looking at the sleeping person, that individual let out a sigh while making an amazed expression.

“Oi-oi, there isn’t even room to stand here.” (???)

The individual skillfully stepped over the bottles littered around and approached the sleeping person. They then placed their hands on the other’s shoulder and tried to shake them awake.

“Shishou? Hey Shishou?” (???)

“Munya……ushishi……” (???)

You could tell from their smile that the sleeping person was having a good dream. Their unchanging child-like face had some drool at the edge of their mouth. Not only that, they were also hugging a bottle of alcohol. There was such a gap between their appearance and their actions that it was scary.

“Haa, good grief. This person is really bothersome……” (???)

As they thought to themselves, just how much does this person like alcohol?!, they began to shake the sleeping person gently. They had been told to wake them up at this time, so they couldn’t possibly stop shaking them until the sleeping person woke up.

“This is bad, could you clean up a bit?” (???)

“Ah. Sure, I’ll do it” (???)

It seemed that there had been two people who entered the room, and one of them asked the other to clean up the room.

“Shishou, please wake up soon. If you don’t ………… I won’t make any more snacks for you?” (???)

“I c-can’t accept that!” (???)

The sleeping person suddenly erupted up with their fists in the air. They seemed to have finally woken up.

“I see you’ve finally woken up, Shishou.” (???)

“………nh? Oh…so it’s the lolicon.” (???)

“Who are you calling a Lolicon?!” (Lolicon)

The lolicon said with a voice so loud that it echoed through the room.

“Nahahahaha! I’m just joking!” (???)

The person laughed happily while shaking their green hair. As that person stretched, the long ears perched on top of their head unfurled demurely until they were fully straight. The girl was a 「Were Rabbit」 with the stature of a grade schooler, who could always be found wearing a dirty white lab coat.

“Geez, in the first place, if that bastard hadn’t said such unnecessary things to Shishou, then I wouldn’t have had such a title stuck onto me…” (Lolicon)

While dropping their shoulders in a crestfallen manner, that person recalled the one who gave him the Lolicon title and let out killing intent.

“Nahaha! Speaking of that kid, it’s been over half a year since he’s left, huh?” (Rabbit girl)

At that voice, the person who had, until then, been peacefully cleaning the room stopped and looked down with a lonely look in their eyes.

“Aa mou, that guy isn’t thinking about keeping his promise at all! Look, Muir shouldn’t worry about it either!” (Lolicon)“U, un……” (???)

Muir Castrea. That was the girl’s name. And the name of the only guy in the room was that of Muir’s guardian, Arnold Ocean.

The two of them were formerly Hiiro Okamura’s travelling partners. And the cause of Arnold’s earlier burst of killing intent was Hiiro himself.

Over half a year ago, the three of them arrived at this place and met the little child wearing the white coat: Arnold’s shishou, Rarashik Fan’naru. It was then that Arnold asked Rarashik to train both Muir and himself.

However, after being told that it would take a considerable amount of time for Muir to become a full-fledged adult, Hiiro decided to leave the two, saying that he could no longer stay in the【Beastman Capital: Passion】.

At that time, he said that if he was free after half a year, he would come and meet them again. Since then, however, there had been no word from him. Muir, who had been looking forward to talking with Hiiro after a long time, grew depressed.

Muir had a favorable impression of Hiiro as a person of the opposite gender. During their journey, she had not been aware of it, but when he left, the feeling of wanting to meet him once more grew steadily.

Hiiro’s existence became much bigger within her than she had expected, to the point where she herself was surprised. So, with the prospect of meeting Hiiro after half a year, Muir completely devoted herself to training.

「Become stronger.」

In order to respond to Hiiro’s parting words.

Rarashik started grinning as her eyes turned towards Muir.

“Seriously, that brat really is a sinful guy. I’ve heard that Mimir-sama was charmed by him as well.” (Rarashik)

Mimir was the second princess of the Beast Kingdom. At a young age, an illness had taken away her voice following a high fever. For her, who loved to sing above all else, losing her voice was an ill fate comparable to the despair of death.

However, as she felt that she didn’t want to make the people around her sad, she wore a fake smile. That smile, however, was not only ripped away by Hiiro, but what even the best doctors could not fix, Hiiro cured with his 《Word Magic》 in mere seconds.

From then on, Mimir thought of Hiiro as her saviour. She then proceeded to approach him while holding feelings of admiration so strong, they could compare to those of worship. Within those feelings, the faint stirrings of love had formed. One could say that she had fallen in love with him at first sight.

“Muir and Mimir-sama; I wonder who else has fallen for this guy in the past six months. Nahahahaha!” (Rarashik)

Just as Rarashik said these words in an amused manner—-


Surprised, Arnold looked towards the direction of the sound and saw Muir who had bare-handedly broken the sake bottle she was holding. Moreover, there was not a single injury on her hand.


“Mui, Muir……?” (Arnold)

“Eh? Ah, umm…… A– I’m sorry! I’ll clean it up immediately!” (Muir)

Whether or not she was unaware of what she had done, Muir sweeped the broken glass as though nothing had occurred. No, if you looked closer, you could see that there was a faint blush in her cheeks as she appeared to understand exactly why she had done that.

“Nahahaha! Teasing Muir sure is as fun as always!” (Rarashik)

Chapter 156: Hiiro and Aquinas

Translated by Netblazer

Chapter 156: Hiiro and Aquinas

Aquinas guided Hiiro to what appeared to be his room. On the terrace, there was a circular table along with a couple of chairs.

After being offered to take a seat, Hiiro sat down silently.

“Can you drink?” (Aquinas)

After he asked so, Aquinas took out a bottle, which seemed to contain wine.

“Sorry, but I don’t really understand the appeal of alcohol.” (Hiiro)

“Hmm, you’re missing out on quite a bit in life.” (Aquinas)

“Hey, I can enjoy life even without drinking, you know?.” (Hiiro)

“Is that so? Well, pretend I tricked you and you tried drinking some. If it doesn’t suit your taste, you can just leave it be .” (Aquinas)

Then, Aquinas tipped the bottle to the glass and a liquid similar to red wine flowed out.

“I’m telling you in advance, there’s no poison in it.” (Aquinas)

“I’m not worried about that. There is no merit in poisoning someone you are asking a favor from.” (Hiiro)

Hiiro lifted the glass and brought it to his lips.

“Nh?…nh?” (Hiiro)

It gave him a rather unexpected feeling. It wasn’t bitter at all, and if he had to say, it had a sweetness to it that made it rather easy to drink.

“How is it? There isn’t a lot of alcohol in it. Does it suit your taste?” (Aquinas)

“It isn’t as bad as I thought.” (Hiiro)

“Good to hear that.” (Aquinas)

Aquinas sat down, took a small sip, and let it flow down his throat. Then, he silently placed the glass on the table and opened his mouth.

“Hiiro.” (Aquinas)

“…..What?” (Hiiro)

“You have my thanks.” (Aquinas)

“……..?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro thought he was going to ask his favor immediately but was so surprised at the sudden words of gratitude, that he reflexively responded.

“…What are you thankful for?” (Hiiro)

“Various things.” (Aquinas)

“Various things…huh?” (Hiiro)

“That is right, various things.” (Aquinas)

Hiiro thought that it was for helping out during the war. But, to him, that was work related to the contract he had signed with Eveam. He didn’t remember anything else that Aquinas would be thankful for. As long as he properly received compensation, then he would be satisfied..

“It isn’t just about the war preparations….you know?” (Aquinas)

He said as if he had read Hiiro’s mind.

“Then what is it?” (Hiiro)

“……………’s about Her Majesty.” (Aquinas)

“The demon lord, whose head is full of flowers, right?” Hiiro said with a slight laugh.

“Fufu. Only you would say something like that about the ruler of a country.” (Aquinas)

Instead of finding fault in Hiiro’s words, Aquinas smiled heartily.

“Aah, that is right, it’s about Her Majesty.” (Aquinas)

“……I haven’t done anything, you know?” (Hiiro)

If he had to say he did something, then it’d be about how he healed her wounds. Nonetheless, he had simply thought at the time that if she died, he would lose his long-sought ticket to the library.

“No, thanks to you, Her Majesty is able to move forward, towards her goal.” (Aquinas)

“……………” (Hiiro)

“During the conflict this time around, we should have suffered a significant amount of damage. But, because of your efforts, we were able to resolve the incident with minimum damage to the country. It was also because of you that Her Majesty gained the determination to fight.” (Aquinas)

“I just explained common sense to her. Besides, if you are talking about the proposal, you are thanking the wrong person. That was just a flash of inspiration I had. I normally wouldn’t think that there’d be people willing to put it into practice nor accept the proposal.” (Hiiro)

“Yet it was proposed to us, and it was accepted by the other side.” (Aquinas)

“…..There really is something wrong with the rulers of this world.” (Hiiro)

“Perhaps…” (Aquinas)

Aquinas quickly took another sip from his glass.

“….Hmm, Her Majesty is able to continue down her path in her own way. The one who helped her get to that point was you, Hiiro.” (Aquinas)

They both looked at each other in mutual understanding.

“Her Majesty suffered a blow. Not only was she betrayed by her aide, who was by her side for many years, the peace conference also ended in failure.” (Aquinas)

“………” (Hiiro)

“But you are still here. For some reason, Her Majesty believes in you completely. At the moment, your very existence is a great support to her Majesty.” (Aquinas)

“Even though I find it troublesome?” (Hiiro)

“Hmph, don’t say that. Even though she looks like that, she is genuinely an innocent girl. Her views are still shallow. But just like you, she has something that attracts people towards her.” (Aquinas)

“Even though I don’t believe I have something like that?” (Hiiro)

That was something he truly believed.

“If you say something like that, your companions will get angry, you know?” (Aquinas)

“Why?” (Hiiro)

“………” (Aquinas)

As expected, even Aquinas blinked in disbelief when he heard such a response.

“…Hiiro, have you ever been regarded as thick-headed?” (Aquinas)

“Ah? Thick-headed? Hmm, I remember Aka-loli and the Hentai saying something like that.” (Hiiro)

“Aka……loli? H-hentai?” (Aquinas)

“Aka-loli is the one who glared at you. The Hentai is the old butler.” (Hiiro)


“…..Kuh.” (Aquinas)

Hearing that, Aquinas looked away while his body started shaking little by little.

“………?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro wondered what was wrong with Aquinas as he watched over him. Shortly after that, Aquinas seemed to have returned to normal since he turned back towards Hiiro with a refreshed expression.

“As expected, you are an interesting person. No wonder Liliyn is interested in you.” (Aquinas)

“What are you trying to get at?” (Hiiro)

“Hmph, lets leave that aside. About her majesty…” (Aquinas)

“Oh, alright.” (Hiiro)

“Either way her majesty has decided to fight.” (Aquinas)

“I see.” (Hiiro)

“Up until now she never wanted to fight, but now she has finally opened her eyes to reality. It’s all thanks to you.” (Aquinas)

“Choosing not to fight can be considered a respectable thing. It is a wonderful notion.” (Hiiro)

“Indeed, a wonderful notion.” (Aquinas)

“However, that is something difficult to do in reality. Especially when you live in an era ruled by kings.” (Hiiro)

“That is indeed the case.” (Aquinas)

“Well, isn’t it fine that she is now able to see reality a little? For the time being, you could say that she grew up a little.” (Hiiro)

“But, the biggest question is whether or not her decisions will bear fruit.” (Aquinas)

In other words, he was saying that there was no point if they didn’t win against the Gabranth.

“I see. It seems that the favor you’re planning on asking is just what I thought.” (Hiiro)

“Hou, would you like to share?” (Aquinas)

“You want me to… participate, right? In the duel with the Gabranth.” (Hiiro)

“………” (Aquinas)

Hiiro considered Aquinas’ silence as acceptance. Rather, when Hiiro told Eveam about the way to resolve this situation, he had predicted that something like this would happen.

And so, while he had found it unexpected that Aquinas would come to ask him for the favor in this manner, Hiiro had already figured that Aquinas had come to ask for his participation in the duel.

It was, of course, in order for them to win. If a person thought about it, everyone would look to Hiiro’s power. Even though he was an outsider, it would be odd if they didn’t use his power when it was nearby.

Nonetheless, Hiiro knew something like this could happen so he had something prepared. He wanted to end the war as soon as possible so he could gain access to the 《Fortuna Grand Library》 right away.

In addition to that, he was also committed to fulfilling Liliyn’s dream. Her dream was to create 【A place that everybody could enjoy】

With the current state of affairs, something like that was impossible. That was exactly why Liliyn wanted to create a new country and establish her dream place; though at the moment that was still a distant goal. (TL: check and make sure)

However, if they continued to lay around doing nothing, even if a hundred years passed, the chances of still being unable to realize her dream were high. That being the case, Hiiro’s idea was to make use of the existing countries.

This world had three countries, each with their own great history. But they fought each other continuously and created extreme hatred against each other. As they were right now, it would forever be impossible to create a place where people from each country could live in harmony.

With that in mind, any country was fine, as long as they could keep the other countries in check. With that control in place, civil liberties could be established and there would be a high chance of them being able to control the opposition.

Instead of domination and servitude, one would seek out freedom and friendship. However, something like that could not be established without resolving the conflicts between the countries. While Hiiro was still unsure how to resolve these, as long as the method used to bring the conflict to an end was agreed upon by both sides, he thought it would be fine.

With that in mind, Hiiro was unsure how he would approach the 『Humas』. However, he figured that for the 『Gabranth』, his proposed duel would work the best. A primary reason for that was that he somehow felt that if it was that Beast King, he’d be willing to take up the offer.

The Gabranth were a group that held the belief that strength was everything. As such, Hiiro felt that if they had a method to show off their power, they would be able to persuade them. If things went well, then both sides would be willing to participate in the battle.

Thus, if the 『Evila』 won, then they would be able to obtain the Beastmen country. Although he might have said “obtain”, what they really meant to do was to finally pave the way for an alliance.

If they could do that, then all that would be left for them to do would be to deal with the 『Humas』 somehow, thus allowing Liliyn to take a large step towards her dream.

Naturally, there were still a lot of uncertainties, but at the moment the only thing he could do was ensure that 【Demon Capital: Xaos】 won. That was why-

“Sounds good. I will also participate in this duel against the Gabranth.” (Hiiro)

This answer was prepared in advance.

Next time, finally…..’they’ will appear !?