Arc 4: Evila vs. Gabranth – The Duel that Decides Fate

Chapter 167 – Reunion (Kiriko)
Chapter 168 – Start of the Duel of Evila and Gabranth (Yoraikun)
Chapter 169 – Marione vs. Leowald (EnTruce)
Chapter 170 – The Outcome of the Clash between the Sun and the Earth (Kiriko)
Chapter 171 – Arnold and Muir’s Duel Debut (Chuckoy)
Chapter 172 – The Growth of the Former Companions (NetBlazer)
Chapter 173 – Their Respective Strengths (Kiriko)
Chapter 174 – Muir’s Struggle (Yoraikun)
Chapter 175 – Two vs. Two (Kiriko)
Chapter 176: Unrelenting Spirit
Chapter 177: Ability of a True Ace (Chuck, Done-Editing)
Chapter 178: A Considerate Friend (Anri | NB, Done-Editing)
Chapter 179: Stand up Hiiro! (Noob)
Chapter 180: How to win instantly (Noob)
Chapter 181: When you think about, she is just a little girl. (Noob)
Chapter 182: Raid on Passion (Noob)/a>
Chapter 183: Tashi the puppet (Noob)
Chapter 184: Ornoth & Rushbelle VS Lenion & Yuhito (Noob)
Chapter 185: The Fighter and the Protector (Noob)
Chapter 186: The winners of the forth round (Noob)
Chapter 187: Towards the final battle (Noob)
Chapter 188: The beginning of the the End?
Chapter 189: Showdown Time?
Chapter 190: That thing she held in her hand
Chapter 191: To the Finals
Chapter 192: Hiiro Vs Leowald
Chapter 193: Getting Fired Up
Chapter 194: Beast King’s True Power (Alt)
Chapter 195: The Next Stage
Chapter 196: The winner raises his fists
Chapter 197: Admiration to the winner
Chapter 198: Praise to the Hero
Chapter 199: Permanent Alliance
Chapter 200: Uninvited Outlaws
chapter-201: Avoros Purpose
Chapter 202: Matal Deus
Chapter 203: Temporary Separation/
Chapter 204: Return To Xaos/

11 thoughts on “Arc 4: Evila vs. Gabranth – The Duel that Decides Fate”

  1. Dead for far far far far faaaaar too long.
    Is it because Loli & XCross are both ‘gone’ atm?

    Anyways, it’d be great if there is an update this year.

  2. Isn’t this supposed to be the main portal for all Wordmaster translators? How come the update is falling behind? What happened here?

  3. 200 is already out. I just forgot what website is the new translating site for it. Good luck finding it guys cuz I don’t have the link :/

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