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  1. holysh*t!
    5 chapters in a day, of course i know that it have been worked on a few days ago but seeing 5 chapters makes me smile, happy and joyful!
    cheers to all translators!

  2. Quick question who is doing the next chapter 53 I so am drooling and I have nawed my fingers off this is getting interesting and funny.

  3. These guys are trying really hard to spoil their readers. (better have 5 chapters ready for me next week!!! Or I’ll be sad.)

      • Then that means that if 2chapters per week then let’s say its 8chps a month so 8chp/mth X 12mths then 96 per year or so let’s say 100 a year and the overall chp of KnW is 600+ and still updating then that means that u guys might take 6yrs to translate it. Up to that 600+. Then now let’s add yoraikun, xCrossj and CapsUsingShift. Let’s say 5chp. A week then its 20chps/month times 12mnths then 220chps a year so it wwill take 3yrs shortest huh? I hope u guys won’t get bored of that, and so as always THanks for Translating 🙂

  4. Does things get heated up later?
    The story is kinda progressing slowly right now and not of enough of Hiiro being a bad@ss.

  5. it does this is him getting to all of the continents which will take a while most of the best stories all start incredibly slow but once they pick up pace it really runs

      • Yes it is it is already at 645 last I checked this is so awesome I believe if yenpress takes this over they should include tons of picture which should be considered what one actually pays for because the translations here are amazing.

      • lol they more then suck, dungeon no di sales have dropped 58% since they made solidarity scanilations take their page down because of having the story they were promoting buying the books from yenpress big time and it was working. Sadly Yenpress more often then not kill most of the best series that have the best potential by trying to line their pockets even more money is killing the crops they planted and ruining writers at the same time imbeciles.

      • some Japanese nouns and adjectives have 4-5 meanings as well as being 1-6 characters long each has their own meaning different from english, but I do see how funny it is to see a quarter of a word lol.

      • oh its not the complexity of the words its just that word doc are like meter-maids they charge by the quarter word and netblazer just ran out of coins to keep the meter going

    • I never mind it makes the prior chapters somewhat more intense because your asking how did he get into this situation, what ridiculous coincidence caused this?

  6. Thank you for all your work!

    I was wondering though, if it might be possible to flip the list, so the newest releases are at the top and not the bottom.

    • not for long man read ahead I only understand it very roughly but he gets a new companion for atleast a little while

  7. it just pop in my mind how does hiiro update his rank when his not visiting the guild.and does he have a bag(like those in game)that appear and disappear with command

    • actually the card itself is a magical item in a way it can be called for or summoned if you will on a moments notice it is explained in the first few chapters.

    • lately i’ve been reading all this rpg-like and summoned hero LN that it start to mix up in my head. better reread this

      • would not blame you alot of them are really interesting and some are getting really good reminds me of the days of .Hack, oh the nostalgia.

      • can’t argue with you about that..hack is a classic.i had played the first 4 games and also GU trilogy.

      • Lucky still trying to save up enough money to buy all the series I got the first one I played it for the first time when I was 8 years old yes I played adult lvl difficulty tactical real time strategy games on hard mode back then as well but yes classic of classics and most likely the founder of all video game element stories it was really a new concept back then

  8. Quick thought how Broken would his power be if he could write the words “Save Point” and be able to load himself back in time to that place how overpowered would he be anyone got some thoughts on it?

    • How do you visualize a save point in order to make the work effective? Plus his words have time limits if they are to strong and fade if he is to far away. A reasonable way he could achieve a sort of “save” is to just store a transfer and a renew on his body so he can escape and repair all the damage done to his body. If he really wants to be op and have crazy fun he can just make clones of him self with something like duplicate and the make his clones write permanent on the selves (even if it rebounds they are clones so who cares for the backlash) allowing for him to test every word he is to afraid to test.

      Random other idea I just thought of is maybe aoe type words by combining words like “blast” or “burst” like let say he uses a word like fertile to make plants grow better and make a word chain like “fertile burst” I wonder if he could use the word on multiple objects.

      • that would be interesting but it also does take imagination so a “fertile Burst” could end up wrong (perverted mind) but think of it this way if he was fighting someone strong enough to actually kill him like the Chibi-usagi and right at the last second does “Load Save” and his knowledge and memories are sent back to his past self thus changing the future self paradox Yes but possible since it is his memories.

    • I know right atleast one a day which I like as my minimum but the story is so good I am reading ahead even though I can understand only half of it.(the non-dialogue sections)

  9. so i think i seen something about netblazer saying most the people translating this will be busy for the next few days to week or so can anyone confirm this?

    • it really is not it is more or less a teaser lol trust me it is just the 2 of the five are a given spoiler but the other 3 are not they are almost completely separate from the reality of the story.

      • I see it as spoiler too… it kind of getting a glimps of pandora box… it make me curious and kinda down when i read them translated…
        well I still can avoid the home page of the blog though

    • I think she is only in LN and not in original Web Novel.
      There tends to be many differences between LN and WN versions of same series, and this is probably one of them.

      • According to what I picked up when looking around here, she will appear in the WN. However, it would be at chapter 200+

      • yes she is even in how she is described she has blond hair and darkened skin in common terms for Japanese it does not mean black but tanned or not pale at all.

      • No she not the king of evila wiki have misunderstanding and fix it you can go to the wiki angain and see the picture of the evila king again

      • i have a feeling that the princess in the human country who is in a comma is also a loli and in order to achieve true world peace hiiro needs to conquer this three royal lolis

      • @rustedge or the it would cause another war akin to the trojan war which is a war that started because of love triangle . Same with that novel where the hero saved multiple heroine and a time traveller said that those heroines would fight each other in a intergalactic multi dimensional war in order to monopolize the hero.

    • Looking at the illustrations of the LN… Word Master in the Web Novel, and Word Master in the Light Novel seem to be VERY different series.

      It kinda warrants a completely different translation project for the LN, but I don’t think anyone will come forth. Maybe it’ll get licensed, but who knows.

    • Her name is Jio. Her stat and appearance will be in the web novel at 441. She is somewhat a servant of Hiiro. And yes, she is a Gabranth.

  10. Judging from the comments above, i feel that hiiro will get the title “the one who gets the lolis”.just like Yoshiharu Sagara his starting to build his loli army.ALL HAIL THE LOLIS

  11. Oh, 65 is up but its not linked to the ToC. click on the “towards the mansion” on the side. recent posts. o.o

  12. Oh well Finally. Thank you so much for the chapter.
    I’ve checked for an update so many times this past 2 days.

  13. the moment you realize you have a problem when you keep hitting the refresh button.curse you cliff hanger.

  14. Ah~ that cliff hanger is killing me, i don’t think I’ve ever wanted the next chapter to come out so bad

    • From xcrossj’s site
      Chapter 69: ??? (TL: Dalmenuis) ???
      Chapter 70: ??? (TL: CapsUsingShift) (Approx. Sunday/Monday)
      Chapter 71: ??? (TL: Yoraikun) ???

  15. the withdrawal symptoms of wanting to to read that chapter 72 are taking hold….I must remain strong.

  16. Can we have chapter 73 please, waiting for Yurai means we might wait weeks until he feels like translating 71.

  17. You said you’re done translating but when will the editing be done dude??? Everyone is looking like some wild beasts just waiting to jump on something and if that something isn’t a new chapter then it’s you…

  18. Hi Netblazer will chapter 85 be up today or should I sleep and wait for tomorrow? don’t get me wrong I;m not rushing you just asking if there is a possibility that it would be up today? 🙂 thanks for the translations! 😀

  19. I wish I could help my laptop is not working lol (I’m Dalmenuis) 85 only needed some editing last night xcross seems to have gotten it though.

  20. Hi Netblazer, first I’d just like to thank you very much for translating this work. I do have a problem with the recent translations by some of the newer guys. Only translations by XcrossJ and you (of course Yoraikun’s translation is good) are really readable. The others are really painful to read. Especially before extensive editing by XcrossJ. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate what you guys do but I don’t think rushing things out like what they are doing, especially when they aren’t that good, is the way to go.

  21. WOW i just finished reading the available chapters this novel is realy not bad but still if we are talking about cheat characters Arifureta is stilll the best

  22. elysion not doing knw chapter 95 anymore.. would one of the great translator pick that chapter up?
    or maybe elysion will abandon knw….

  23. Patience… running low… need chapters.. wish I knew kanji… wish I could help… being a Leecher sucks…

  24. Hey netblazer, I was thinking of helping out with translating KnW, so I was wondering how you guys reserve chapters and such. There’s another 600 or so chapters to go, so I thought more people working on it would be better. Hope you don’t mind me barging in to work on your project, and thanks for all the translations you’ve been doing up until now!

  25. What qualifications do you need for Translating, Editing, and proof reading

    For example, is knowledge of japanese language enough or do you need to be able to ready kanji to a certain extent

    and also what is the usual process in Translating, Editing, and proof reading and what advice would you give to a novice guy (I am considering applying for the team but first I would like to see if I can handle)

    • To be a translator you need to have a good understanding of the japanese sentence structure and grammar. You also need to be at least able to read all of the hiragana and katakana. As an editor you need about the same thing since not only are you editing but also you are making the sure the translation matches the what was written. As for proof reading, all you need is good English grammar. I’m not really looking for proof readers for the team, we’re mainly looking for translators and editors.

        • 1. Person A translates
          2. Person B edits
          3. Person A goes over the edits
          4. Person B goes over the changes that person A made
          5. Resolve any remaining issues
          6. Person C proof reads
          7. Person A accepts changes and post to thier blog

  26. Err. Hello. I was wondering if you could let me be an editor for KnW. I have been an editor for three other groups though all three focussed on chinese novels. I believe i am capable enough to be an editor and there by rerucr the pressure on you guys by helping you with the chapters.

  27. 128 is now complete. Prepare yourself for the “when is chapter 129” “when is editing done?” and other such tomfoolery to flood your page if it takes more then 24 hours. You have my condolences.

    • oh, its not going to be bad, but Kiriko is setting themselves up for another bitchfest if a chapter they do is perceived to be done. and they don’t release it till everything is caught up.

  28. I would like to sign up as a proofreader, I am a native English speaker who has been having grammar ground into me most of my life. If I can help speed up the translation process, it would be great.

  29. I’m interested in helping out with the translations. I took two Japanese courses in college a few years back. My vocabulary is pretty good and my Hiragana is still pretty good too. And English is primary language.

  30. Excuse me NB. I’m interested to be Editor for KNW and wondering could I join you guy’s as it’s seem that editing has been slow lately and since I also have a lot of free time too (3 months of holiday) so I kinda wanted to spent some of those time helping you guys.Anyway Here my email Id Carval@live.com if you interested to contact me. I look forward hearing from you soon.

  31. Hi. I’m not entirely sure if I should be asking this here. But I have nowhere else to go. What happened to loliquent.wordpress.com? As of 23 July 2015 GMT +8, the address simply tells me that it was deleted by the authors. Did they move? Or quit?

  32. Netblazer-san, I wanna give you an advice. My advice is make a list of KnW just like on your old website, so we, the leechers can see old chapter much easier and clearer

  33. I know this site has been through some changes and such and I’m not badgering you or anything. But I’m waiting to read 157 before I get up to date with the rest of KnW, and ever since you removed and began uploading everything from scratch all the chapters between 114 & 162 that you guys have done can’t be found. I’m already up to date up to ch 156 and once I read 157 I’ll be able to read the rest of the translate chapters. But this is the only place 157 was posted so unless I take the time to MT the chapter myself I can’t read it anywhere.

  34. just wanted to know, when are you going to ad arc 3 chapters? chapters 129 and 156 that you have translated can no longer be viewed…

  35. Hey there.
    I immensely enjoyed the KnW translations, the effort you guys put in as an individual and a team is laudable. Would you guys let me join as an editor for KnW or any other ‘summoning-type’ LN?
    I don’t know Japanese but I am rather confident about my English, If I might say so. I hope my request will be considered.

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