Arc 1: The Start of an Adventure

Chapter 01: Dragged into another World (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 02: Classmates (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 03: Magic and Magic Power (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 04: Word Magic (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 05: As for the Heroes (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 06: The Battle against Demons (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 07: Bon Voyage! (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 08: An average guy that won’t work for free (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 09: Sword Encounter (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 10: Evila (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 11: Conference in the Demon Country (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 12: Desire for meat (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 13: Tasting the Aqua Hound meat (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 14: First Comrades? (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 15: The Heroes hear Rumours about him (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 16: Raer Festival (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 17: Guild Master (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 18: A Method to pass the Check Point (Unlimited Novel Failures)
Chapter 19 – Encounter: A Unique Monster (Yoraikun)
Chapter 20 – The Restrictions of Word Magic (Yoraikun)
Chapter 21 – The Importance of Level (Tired)
Chapter 22 – The Bear People of Doggam (Yoraikun)
Chapter 23 – The Determination of Vale (Yoraikun)
Chapter 24 – Honey Gathering (Yoraikun)
Chapter 25 – Tasty Honey Sweets (Tenshiroe)
Chapter 26 – The Meeting in the Kingdom of Beasts (Yoraikun)
Chapter 27 – A Slice of Their Travels (Yoraikun)
Chapter 28 – Faerie’s Garden (NightRacoon)
Chapter 29 – One Night’s Experience (Yoraikun)
Chapter 30 – Rumors of War (NightRacoon)
Chapter 31 – The Four Heroes’ Strength, and Premonitions of War (Night Raccoon)
Chapter 32 – The Cree Caves (Yoraikun)
Chapter 33 – Muir’s Awakening (Yoraikun)
Chapter 34 – The Kitty Bastard’s Invitation (Yoraikun)
Chapter 35 – Level Up to Power Up (Yoraikun)
Chapter 36 – Determination of the Demon King (NetBlazer)
Chapter 37 – Capital of the Beast Kingdom, Pashion (NetBlazer)
Chapter 38 – Arnold’s Master (NetBlazer)
Chapter 39 – The Unstoppable War (NetBlazer)
Chapter 40 – War Commences, and a Sudden Development! (Yoraikun)
Chapter 41 – Interruption of War (CAPSUSINGSHIFT)
Chapter 42 – Another Conference in the Demon Country (XCrossJ)
Chapter 43 – Rarashik’s Ablilty (NetBlazer)
Chapter 44 – Muir’s Test Complete (NetBlazer)
Chapter 45 – The Gabranth’s Roots (NetBlazer)
Chapter 46 – Hiiro’s Decision (CAPSUSINGSHIFT)
Chapter 47 – Arnold’s Other Objective (XCrossJ)
Chapter 48 – His Sister, The Maid (Yoraikun)
Chapter 49 – Hiiro and the Little Girl (NetBlazer)
Chapter 50 – Mimir and the Boy (NetBlazer)
Chapter 51 – Promise between the Two (CAPSUSINGSHIFT)
Chapter 52 – Arnold and Co’s Suspicions (XCrossJ)
Chapter 53 – Identity of the Ghost, and Friends (NetBlazer)
Chapter 54 – a New Journey (CAPSUSINGSHIFT)
Chapter 55 – That Bird Again! (XCrossJ)
Chapter 56 – Movement in Victorias (Yoraikun)
Chapter 57 – One Month Later (NetBlazer)
Chapter 58 – Now, Onto the Evila Continent (XCrossJ)
Chapter 59 – Threat of the Grand Slime (NetBlazer)
Chapter 60 – Resurrecting Butler (NetBlazer)
Chapter 61 – The Insightful Butler, Silva (NetBlazer)
Chapter 62 – A New Pervert (Companion)? (Yoraikun)
Chapter 63 – Venom Mountain (XCrossJ)
Chapter 64 – The Fight Against the Cactus Man (XCrossJ)
Chapter 65 – Towards the Mansion (NetBlazer)
Chapter 66 – The Chaotic Trio (XCrossJ)
Chapter 67 – The Devious Girl – Liliyn (XCrossJ)
Chapter 68 – A Butler’s Finesse (NetBlazer)

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  1. Man, I swear you have an Yoraikun fetish…

    Chapter 12: Desire for Yoraikunat (Unlimited Novel Failures)

    Chapter 18: A Yoraikunthod to pass the Check Point (Unlimited Novel Failures)

    Chapter 26 – The Yoraikuneting in the Kingdom of Beasts (Yoraikun)

    Chapter 40 – War ComYoraikunnces, and a Sudden DevelopYoraikunnt! (Yoraikun)

    Chapter 56 – MoveYoraikunnt in Victorias (Yoraikun)

  2. Will you also be re-translating the missing chapters from loliquent? or do you have a backup of some sorts? This is asked purely in self-interest, and I hope my question isn’t rude.

  3. Hi, I really appreciate your work and the new website but… I wss wondering if you would consider less intrusive advertisement? I’m using mobile browser and the popup ad shows up every minute. And well this is the general layout when I’m reading the chapters…
    It’s just a suggestion afterall. I really don’t mind ads as long as it’s not blocking the screen but the current ads are quite annoying. Thank you.

    1. Made some changes the annoying one at the bottom should be gone. Not sure about the pop up though they seem to be a hidden ad, going to see if I can create custom ad overlays instead of using the adsites pre-built one (main reason why I would have preferred AdSense ads…)

      It also seem to appear only once. It happen on almost all the ads from the Adserve site, and sadly it seems to be the main source of income from the ads. I’ll see what I can do about, but I plan to remove disruptive ads when the quota is met.

      1. woa, i just tried open link for chapter 19 and now its work, previously the link directed to yoraikun and the page is gone.
        are you guys transfer it here, thanks a lot

  4. Hi there I want to try out this LN but the 1st 18 chapters are missing is there another site that has these chapters or some error on your part.
    Thanks in advance 😀

    1. guys just type the translator’s name in google you’ll get to their page and their KnW translations of chapter 1-18 are still there…

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